LaDue Sunrise Angus Annual Bull Sale—Striving for Excellence

TSLN Reps: Dan Piroutek and Scott Dirk

Date: May 16, 2022

Location: Faith Livestock Auction – Faith, SD

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar


65 Bulls avg. $4,846

53 Commercial Open Heifers avg. $1,685

Kent and Janet LaDue, along with their son, Brian, raise their cattle on their ranch, Sunrise Angus, near Meadow, South Dakota. They offer strictly two-year-old Angus bulls, that are fed a high roughage ration to ensure longevity and soundness. These were high-performing bulls that could cover a lot of country and maintain good health. The LaDues have worked hard to breed and manage docility in their herd.

Many folks on the seats were return buyers, including those looking at and bidding on the replacement heifers.

Top Selling Bulls:

Lot 090: $8,500 to Les Johnson, Bison, South Dakota – Rito 6I6 of 4B20 6807 x Hoover

Lot 096: $8,000 to Merle Clark, Huelett, Wyoming – Rito 6I6 of 4B20 6807 x Upward

Lot 031: $7,750 to Larry Jung, Isabel, South Dakota – BC Certified 413-1 x Final Answer

Lot 088: $7,250 to Wayne Palmer, Prairie City, South Dakota – WT Beaver Creek 118 x Upward

Lot 011: $7,000 to Quentin Gerbrecht, Faith, South Dakota – SAV Resource 1441 x # 182

Lot 062: $7,000 to Carter Schnell, Lemmon, South Dakota – WT Beaver Creek 118 x Upward

Merle Clark, Hulett, Wyoming, purchaser of Lot 096, with Janet LaDue.
Les Johnson, Bison, South Dakota, bought Lot 090 for $8,500.
Clinton Simons, Dick Schrempp, Ede Claymore, Eagle Butte, South Dakota.

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