Larson Ranch 50th Annual Bull and Bred Heifer Sale |

Larson Ranch 50th Annual Bull and Bred Heifer Sale

Laura & Jerry Osterberg, Salem were one of the volume bull buyers

Date of Sale: Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Location: Presho Livestock

Auctioneer: Matt Lowery

Representative: Curt Littau


36 yearling registered angus bulls – $4,850

13 yearling commercial angus bulls – $3,419

26 yearling Charolais bulls – $4,400

5 yearling Simmental bulls – $2,900

22 Two-year-old angus bulls $4,727

5 Two-year-old Charolais bulls – $6,650

156 commercial black angus bred heifers – $2,056

76 commercial F1 BWF bred heifers – $2,159

57 commercial Red Angus bred heifers – $1,942

18 Purebred Charolais bred heifers – $1,889

The Larson Family once again offered a powerful set of yearling bulls and bred heifers to a large crowd of buyers for their 50th annual production sale. New to the program this year was a set of two-year-old bulls which the Larson’s are planning on expanding on in the future. Bidding was active and DVAucitons once again provided a number of buyers for the sale.

Representative sales include the top selling yearling Angus bull Lot #22, a son of “Brookdale Responder 63,” purchased by Jerry & Laura Osterberg for $8,000. The top selling yearling Charolais bull Lot # 81, a son of “Lt Ledger 0332 P,” purchased by Steve Thomas and Kent & Sonja Aasby for $15,000. Top selling two-year-old Angus bulls were Lot #205 and Lot #208 each selling for $6,750 and purchased by Larry Ryno and Jerry & Laura Osterberg respectively. There were two Charolais two-year-old bulls purchased by Steve Thomas and Kent & Sonja Aasby , Lot #225 selling for $11,000 and Lot #226 selling for $10,000, that topped the sale for all two-year-olds.

In the bred heifer division sales ranged from $1,800 to $2,275 with the commercial F1 bwf heifers leading the pace.