Lau’s Valley View Farm Angus Production Sale |

Lau’s Valley View Farm Angus Production Sale

TSLN Rep: Dan Piroutek

Date: Mar. 24, 2022

Location: At the farm, northeast of Armour, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar

Averages: 25 reg. Angus Bulls avg. $7,230

23 reg. Angus Heifers avg. $1,965

Jeff and Brenda Lau, and their family, welcomed folks with good food and a complete catalog, helping bidders make their selections. This was their first sale on their home farm.

The Laus produce cattle that are profitable and efficient for their customers. They have up-to-date pedigrees from some of the best cattle in the Angus breed. The top end of the bulls drew much attention from the Angus breeders and AI studs. This was a very strong sale from start to finish.

Top Selling Bulls:

Lot 1: $43,000 to Semex Beef, Guelph, Ontario, Canada, and Peak Dot Ranch, Wood Mountain, Saskatchewan, Canada – Casino Bomber N33 x VAR Legend 5019

Lot 2: $10,500 to Jim Vermeulen, Letcher, South Dakota – GAR Ashland x Basin Payweight 1682

Lot 3: $10,000 to Varley Angus, Stuart, Iowa – GAR Ashland x Basin Payweight 1682

Lot 26: $10,500 to Sharon Wagner, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada – Square B True North 8052 x VAR Discovery 2240

Lot 5: $9,500 to Todd Goldsmith, Rapid City, South Dakota – Casino Bomber N33 x Basin Payweight 1682

Jim Vermeulen, Letcher, South Dakota, paid $10,500 to own Lot 2, a son of GAR Ashland.
Trevor Lau with Kendall Hook from Kadoka, South Dakota.
Repeat buyers Ryan Wasson, Scotland, South Dakota, and Jim Wasson, Armour, South Dakota, have purchased Lau bulls for a number of years.

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