Lazy JS Ranch 57th Annual Quarter Horse Production Sale |

Lazy JS Ranch 57th Annual Quarter Horse Production Sale

Date: August 20, 2016

Location: Bowman Auction Market, Bowman, N.D.

Auctioneer: Lynn Weishaar

TSLN Reps: Rowdy Benson and Scott Dirk

41 weanlings averaged: $999

4 broke horses averaged: $2,800

The day was brewing a perfect storm at Bowman Auction Market in Bowman, N.D., for the Lazy JS Ranch Horse Sale. It was a pleasant sight to see so many hands on deck to try their best to get a part of the program that’s been going on for 57 years. These horses are made for the rancher by the rancher and each one was in a good using rig. Horses from this outfit have gone on to compete in reining, roping, barrel arenas throughout the country. These colts came in many colors but all came packing a big hip, short back, and a fancy head. Colonel Lynn Weishaar took the helm and we didn’t look back, here’s how the top of the weanlings looked after the water calmed down:

Lot 21, CA Big Joe, topped the weanlings at $2,200 with Josh Corbridge of Malad, Idaho. He’s a bay roan colt sired by LJSR Sterling Roan with Jo Jos Valley Queen on the bottom side.

Murray and Rita Rolph of Ekalaka, Mont., rang the bell at $2,100 on Lot 1, LJSR Blue Breeze. He’s a blue roan stallion out of LJSR Emperor on the topside with LJSR Roan Chinook on the bottom.

Clinton Knox of Sedalia, Mo., got his hands on Lot 8, LJSR Cinch, for $2,000. This blue roan stallion was sired by LJSR Poco Hook and out of FQHR Red Star on the bottom side. He’s one of the best colts out of this mare.

$1,800 got Murray and Rita Rolph Lot 2, LJSR Merlot, a black filly sired by LJSR Poco Hook. This filly was the full package with a good dam in LJSR Chianti.

$1,800 was also the winning bid of Lot 24, CA Belafonte, to Herbert and Gerriee Rains of Piedmont, Ala. This black stallion is sired by RC Calcetas on the top and out of Black Isabella on the bottom of the Carter Acres program.

A dream came true for $1,800 for Clint Potts of Sand Springs, Mont. on Lot 28, CA Almost A Gunner. He’s another black stallion sired by RC Calcetas and is out of the good CA Caramel dam from Carter Acres.

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