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Lehrkamp Livestock 46th Annual Production Sale

Nancy Richey, Wewela, South Dakota with Mike, Jodie and Carl Lehrkamp.

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk

Date: March 30, 2019

Location: at the ranch, Caputa, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Doug Dietterle


36 Angus bulls – $4,007

4 registered open heifers – $1,625

It was a beautiful day for the 46th Annual Lehrkamp Livestock production sale. The past several years we have fought wind, rain and snow, so the sunshine was very welcome. This was by far the most uniform and powerful set of bulls Mike & Jodie Lehrkamp and son Carl have offered in their annual sale. This is a small operation in terms of number of bulls sold, but the quality keeps improving. The bulls were very well accepted by the large crowd of new and repeat buyers on hand, giving the Lehrkamp family a very successful day.

Top bulls:

Lot 43, LL Apache 853, a 2/18 son of Musgrave Apache with EPD’s of CED 12, BW -1.7, WW 55, YW 94, and milk 33, sold to Nancy and Steve Richey, Wewela, South Dakota for $6,500.

Lot 22, LL Broken Bow 804, a 2/18 son of KM Broken Bow 002, with EPD’s of CED 18, BW -4.4, WW 57, YW 94, and milk 23, sold to Sean White, Oelrichs, South Dakota for $6,500.

Lot 5, LL Pathfinder C304 848, a 2/18 son of Buford Pathfinder C304 that has EPD’s of CED 7, BW 1.4, WW 58, YW 98, and milk 31, sold to Byron and Cherry Denke, Quinn, South Dakota for $6,250.

Lot 6, LL Pathfinder C304 871, a 2/18 son of Buford Pathfinder C304 with EPD’s of CED 8, BW 0.6, WW 62, YW 102, and milk 30, sold to Tucker and Bev Hudson, Howes, South Dakota for $6,250.

Top heifer:

Lot 46, LL Contessa Activate 831, a 2/18 daughter of RCL Activate 4282 with EPD’s of CED 11, BW -0.1, WW 61, YW 107, and milk 24, sold to Baxter Bolden, Buffalo Gap, South Dakota for $2,000.