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Lehrkamp Livestock 50th Annual Production Sale

TSLN Rep: Dan Piroutek

Date: Mar. 25, 2023

Location: At the ranch, Caputa, S. Dak.

Auctioneers:  Doug Dietterle


44 Angus and Simm Bulls avg. $5,181

 5  Angus Heifers avg. $2,500

            “Happy Anniversary” as the Lehrkamps celebrated their 50th Annual Production Sale. It was fun looking through the catalogs from their previous sales, noting the changes in the cattle industry.

Lehrkamp Livestock, owned by Mike, Jodie, and Carl Lehrkamp and his family, hosted a really big crowd with many friends and neighbors in attendance.  This was a very strong sale all the way through. Many repeat buyers were on hand to compete for these bulls and heifers. The hospitality and food at the Lehrkamp Ranch is some of the best.

Top Selling Bulls:

Lot 6: $7,500 to Mike Perault, Belvidere, South Dakota – LT Revered x Moore 241-Substance 429 (18 mos. old)

Lot 9: $7,500 to Pam Kieffer, Rapid City, South Dakota – Deep Creek Reckon 712 x S Powerpoint WS 5503 (18 mos. old)

Lot 1: $7,000 to Mike Perault, Belvidere, South Dakota – Musgrave 316 Stunner x Deep Creek Reckon 712 (two-yr-old)

Lot 3: $7,000 to Dayco Ltd, Scenic, South Dakota – Centennial Windy 827 x Centennial Winston 566 (two-yr-old)

Lot 32: $6,500 to Denke Farms, Scenic, South  Dakota – LL Knockout 914 x DB Aberdeen 9125 (yearling)

Jerry Mader, New Underwood, visits with Tammy Lorenz, Sturgis, South Dakota, after the sale.
Cecelia Steen Zietlow, Scenic, South Dakota, with Dallas Steen and Joe, all from the Dayco Ltd. Ranch