Leland Red Angus 33rd Annual Production Sale

Raymond Saunders of Gillette, Wyoming, got the ones he wanted early on.

Date: March 11, 2016

Location: The ranch near Sidney, Mont.

Auctioneers: Seth Weishaar and Lynn Weishaar

TSLN Rep: Rowdy Benson


127 Yearling Red Angus bulls – $5,805

37 18-Month-Old Red Angus bulls – $5,432

61 Yearling Red Angus heifers – $2,300

It was an absolutely beautiful day at the Leland ranch for the whopping 33rd annual production sale. These guys have been selling bulls longer than I’ve been alive and they’ve got it down to perfection. The bleachers were packed to the rafters with people wanting some of these deep-bodied herd sire kind. Koester Red Angus provided some extra age by offering some 18-month-old bulls that would really pack the pounds on. The females offered had a nice feminine look that would suit any herd registered or commercial. The food was good, the bulls better, and the people best. It is a sale worth attending with cattle worth buying. Here is the very top:

• High seller: The high-selling yearling bull was Lot 3, Leland Stakeholder 5457, a March 28, 2015, son of Brown 3K Stakeholder X7870. He sold to Carroll Nelson of Ryegate, Montana, for $26,000. His EPDs include BW -2.6, WW 87, YW 140, and Milk 17. He was 77 pounds at birth and 749 pounds at weaning.

• Second high seller: Lot 16, Leland Stakeholder 5514, an April 2, 2015, son of Brown 3K Stakeholder X7870, sold to Diamond H Ranch, Justin Herl of Victoria, Kansas, for $20,000. His EPDs are BW -1.7, WW 82, YW 131, and Milk 22. He was 84 pounds at birth and 773 pounds at weaning.

• Third high seller: Saunders Land & Livestock of Gillette, Wyoming, purchased Lot 17, Leland Formation 7751-5666, an April 12, 2015, son of LSF RAB Conformation X7751, for $15,000. He recorded EPDs of BW -2.4, WW 63, YW 106, and Milk 22. He was 78 pounds at birth and 744 pounds off the cow.

• Fourth high seller: Saunders Land & Livestock also selected Lot 1, Leland Frankly 018-5669, a WFL Merlin 018A son, for $14,000. Born April 13, 2015, at 89 pounds and weaned off at 799 pounds he recorded EPDs of BW 89, WW 95, YW 155, and Milk 15.

3 bulls sold for $13,000.