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Leland Red Angus and Koester Red Angus

Date: March 11, 2022

Location: At the ranch near Sidney, Montana

Auctioneers: Lynn Weishaar and Seth Weishaar


120 Yearling Bulls – $5,644

41 Fall Bulls – $6,348

33 Yearling Heifers – $1,600

The top-selling bull was Lot 58, Leland Propulsion 1326, an April 19, 2021, son of BB Propulsion 9096 out of an 3CC Dictate C74 daughter. He sold for $17,500 to Diamond H Ranch of Victoria, Kansas.

ABS Global of DeForest, Wisconsin, purchased Lot 55, Leland Spartacus G06-1193, an April 6, 2021, son of Bieber Spartacus G06 and out of a 3SCC Domain A163 daughter, for $14,500.

Northern Lites Ranch of Opheim, Montana, purchased Lot 1, Leland Redemption 043-1103, a March 29, 2021, on of LCOC Redemption A043F out of MLK CRK Fusion 5202 daughter, for $13,500.

Loonan Stock Farm of Corning, Iowa, purchased Lot 4, Leland Stockmarket 1050, a March 25, 2021, son of Bieber CL Stockmarket E119 out of a WFL Merlin 018A daughter, for $13,000.

Saunders Land & Livestock of Gillette, Wyoming, purchased Lot 6, Leland Peerless 1090, a March 29, 2021, son of Schuler Peerless 9976 out of a Leland Markman 6629 daughter, for $12,000.

The top-selling age-advantaged bull was Lot 38, Koester Stockmarket 015, an Aug. 12, 2020, son of Bieber CL Stockmarket E119 son out of a 3SCC Domain A163 daughter. He sold to Shaw Ranch of Joes, Colorado, for $14,000.

Huber EY Red Angus of Jud, North Dakota, purchased Lot 34, Koester Warrant 033, an Aug. 14, 2020, son of Lorenzen Warrant 8273 out of a 3SCC Domain A163 daughter, for $10,500.

Jerry Olson of Selby, South Dakota, purchased Lot 39, Koester Confidant 077, an Aug. 18, 2020, son of Schuler Confidence C810 out of a Jacobson Mtn Man 4144 daughter, for $10,500.

Mark Pust of Lambert, Montana, purchased the top-selling heifer, Lot 211, Leland Stockmarket 1165, a Bieber CL Stockmarket E119 daughter out of a Leland Redeem 1334-4637 dam, for $2,000.

Top heifer was lot 219, Leland Redemption 043-1314, a daughter of LCOC Redemption A043F and out of a WS Beef Maker 124Z dam, for $1,900 to Tyler Leiseth of Arnegard, North Dakota.

KTH Red Angus of Hinckley, Minnesota, purchased Lot 248, Leland Propulsion 1332, a daughter of BB Propulsion 9096 out of a 5L Norseman King 2291 dam, for $1,900.

Jacobson Ranch, Max, ND purchased several bulls at the Leland Red Angus and Koester Red Angus bull sale.
Lynn and Connie Weishaar with Lou and Mel Leland at the Leland Red Angus / Koester Red Angus sale.
Longtime repeat bull buyer Jack Bickel, Firesteel, SD at the Leland / Koester sale.


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