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Lensegrav Ranch Hybrid Bull Sale

Doug Gardner, Hammond, MT, longtime repeat Lensegrav Ranch bull buyer.

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk, Dan Piroutek

Date of Sale: March 14, 2020

Location: Faith Livestock, Faith, SD

Auctioneer: Lynn Weishaar


107 Yearling Black Hybrid Bulls – $4,626

Dave and Rhonda Lensegrav raised these bulls on their ranch, north of Faith, in the Meadow area. These bulls were stout made, with depth of body, plus mass and thickness throughout. The uniformity and quality stayed until the very end of the sale. Loyal repeat buyers gathered to make an extra big crowd for this very strong sale.

Lensegravs have been selling bulls for 46 years, and this will be their last auction. They wish to thank all of their customers over the years. They also express a special thanks to Lynn Weishaar, Tim Seim and Dr. Ron Ford, who have been at all 46 sales.

Lot 31: $15,500 to Leonard Gerhardt, Mechanicsville, Iowa – Baldco Traction 155 x LEN 195Y-31 Net Worth 76P (homo black)

Lot 25: $8,000 to Larry Thompson, Glenham, South Dakota – DM13 Conf. Answer 25 x Conn. Answer 7304 (homo black)

Lot 44: $8,000 to Blaine Mollman, McIntosh, South Dakota – DM 13 Conf. Ans x Len 113Z – Net Worth (homo black)

Lot 2: $7,750 to Randy McQueen, White Lake, South Dakota – Len 105C-41 x 10X (homo black)

Lot 27: $7,500 to Short Grass & Company, Alzada, Montana – DM13 Conf. Ans. X (homo black)

Lot 10: $7,500 to Wendt Ranch, Inc., Newell, South Dakota – DR Renown 793 x Flag Right Direction (homo black)

Remember what Dave says, “We don’t lead ‘em and feed ‘em, we just raise ‘em and chase ‘em.”