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Lewis Bros. Angus Annual Bull Sale

There was not an empty seat in the sale barn.

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk, Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: Feb. 21, 2020

Location: St. Onge Livestock Auction, St. Onge, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Doug Dietterle


38 18-Month-Fall Bulls – $6,105

92 Yearling Bulls – $5,551

20 Commercial Open Heifers – $1,438

February 21, felt like a warm spring day walking through the cattle at the 40th Annual Lewis Bros. Angus Bull Sale held at St. Onge Livestock Auction. Grandview Angus and Lewis Angus Ranch have a built a strong reputation by offering consistent quality bulls. Both families develop cattle for longevity, great dispositions and focus on creating thick and deep-bodied bulls and stand behind their product. Congratulations to everyone involved on a great sale!

Fall bulls

Lot 101 at $22,500, DL FLYER, DOB 8/9/19, CASINO BOMBER N33 x DL KARMA 2426, Sold to Bruce Jensen, Owanka, South Dakota

Lot 114 at $12,500, DL DUALLY 3598, DOB 9/2/18, DL DUALLY x DL KARMA 2075, Sold to Gary and Sharon Romey, Hot Springs, South Dakota

Lot 113 at $10,000, DL DUALLY 3328, DOB 8/14/18, DL DUALLY x DL BARBARA 128, Sold to Gary & Sharon Romey.


Lot 7 at $40,000, DL DUALLY 409, DOB 1/11/19, DL DUALLY x DL MISS MERIT 907, Sold to Genex, Shawano, Wisconsin

Lot 24 at $32,500, DL DUALLY 1579, DOB 2/6/19, DL DUALLY x DL DUCHESS 1317, Sold to Genex.

Lot 1 at $14,000, DL DURAMAX 1489, DOB 2/3/19, DL SONIC 444 x DL INCENTIVE 2103, Sold to M & E Angus, Kimball, South Dakota.

Lot 72 at $11,000, DL RAINMAKER 1879, DOB 2/13/19, HILLTOP RAINMAKER 6274 x DL RUBY 496, Sold to Semex, Guelph, Ontario, CAN.

Lot 40 at $10,000, DL ENHANCE 579, DOB 1/14/19, SYDGEN ENHANCE x DL ELIMINEMERE 236, Sold to Jerry Peterson, Reed Point, Montana.