Lindskov-Thiel Ranch 34th Annual Bull Sale |

Lindskov-Thiel Ranch 34th Annual Bull Sale

Glen David Hostutler of Hostutler Ranch, Midland, South Dakota, was one of the day’s volume buyers with six Charolais bulls for his ranch.

Date: April 18, 2015

Location: at the ranch north of Isabel, S.D.

Auctioneers: Lynn Weishaar and Seth Weishaar

Reported by: Dan Piroutek


133 Ylg. Charolais bulls – $12,015

64 Yrlg Angus bulls – $10,898

From neighbors down the road, to Charolais breeders from Mexico, a large crowd was on hand for the 34th Annual Lindskov-Thiel Bull Sale . The Isabel, South Dakota-based Charolais and Angus operation sold 199 bulls, many to repeat customers who are on the seats year after year.

Isabel ranchers, A.J. Lindskov and Meginness Ranch, both from Isabel, South Dakota, were among the volume buyers with eight and seven bulls respectively. Troy Vrooman, Eagle Butte, South Dakota, took home seven bulls, and Glen David Hostutler, Midland, South Dakota, and Kurt Barker, Newcastle, Wyo., each selected six bulls on sale day.

Charolais high sellers:

LT Patriot 4004 Pld – Feb. 10, 2014 son of LT Ledger 0332. $105,000 to Satterfield Charolais, Norfork, Ark.; Sturgess Charolais, Larue, Tex.; Jess Taylor, Broken Bow, Neb.; Link Charolais, Center, Tex.; and R Lazy B Ranch, Nome, N. Dak.

LT Commander 4038 P – Feb. 22, 2014. LT Long Distance x LT Bluegrass. $55,000 to 8 Story Farm, Altamont, Mo.

LT Tioga 4090 Pld – March 5, 2014. BHC Top Pro x LT Silver Distance. $40,000 to J&J Trust, Parkston, S .Dak. and Rathmourne Charolais, Port Hope, Mich.

LT Ledger 4063 Pld – March 1, 2014. LT Ledger x LT Silver Distance. $40,000 to Hebbert Charolais, Hyannis, Neb., and Legacy Charolais Ranch, Blackfoot, Idaho

LT Maricopa 4194 Pld – March 14, 2014 son of LT Ledger. $30,000 to Sturgess Charolais, Larue, Tex., and Ledbetter Charolais, Lockhart, Tex.

LT JJ Ledger 4606 P – Feb. 26, 2014. LT Ledger x Winn Mans Lanza. $30,000 to Sandmeier Charolais, Bowdle, South Dakota

LT Ledger 4544 Pld – March 15, 2014. LT Ledger x LT Easy Blend. $27,000 to C Bar B Charolais, Montpelier, N. Dak.

LT Legend 4126 Pld – March 7, 2014. LT Ledger x LT Western Edge. $27,000 to Bierle Charolais, Lesterville, South Dakota

LT Ledger 4246 Pld – March 17, 2014 son of LT Ledger. $27,000 to Bina Charolais, Lawton, N. Dak.

Angus high sellers:

LT Regions 4110 – Sire: Koupals Advance 28. $45,000 to JC Heiken Angus & Sons, Broadview, Mont.

LT Drifter 4073 – Sire: SAV Resource 1441. $34,000 to Midwest Cattle Marketing, LLC, Sidney, Neb.

LT Ranch Hand 4125 – LT Rancher’s Choice 7265 x LT Bandwagon. $20,000 to Schroeder Ranch, Wessington Springs, South Dakota

LT Boulder 4068 – SAV Resource 1441 x KCF Bennett Total. $19,000 to Ken Schmidt, Solen, N. Dak.

LT Earnan 4060 – Sire: Connealy Earnan. $17,000 to Gilbert Angus Ranch, Buffalo, South Dakota

LT Reset 4059 – SAV Resource 1441 x TC Aberdeen. $16,500 to Anderson Livestock, Pierce, Neb.

LT Resource 4167 – Sire: SAV Resource 1441. $16,500 to Anderson Livestock, Pierce, Neb.

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