Lindskov-Thiel Ranch 40th Annual Bull Sale |

Lindskov-Thiel Ranch 40th Annual Bull Sale


TSLN Reps: Dan Piroutek and Scott Dirk

Date: April 17, 2021

Location: at the ranch north of Isabel, SD

Auctioneers: Lynn Weishaar and Seth Weishaar


173 Ylg. Reg. Charolais Bulls – $10,000

60 Ylg Angus Bulls – $15,633

233 Bulls – $11,451

Les and Marcia Lindskov and Brent and Nancy Thiel gathered another large crowd for their annual bull sale. Many repeat customers are on the seats year after year. Volume buyers were Woodward Ranch, Dupree, South Dakota, with 12 bulls; AJ and Justin Lindskov Ranch, Isabel, South Dakota, with 10 bulls; and Brock Williams, Faith, South Dakota with 8 bulls.

Top Charolais Bulls:

Lot 77 at $47,500 was LT Vanguard 0233 PLD, DOB: 3/10/2020; SIRE: LT Ledger 0332 P; MGS: LT Long Distance 9001 P. Sold to Parker Cattle Co., Twin Falls, Idaho.

Lot 58 at $44,000 was LT Patriot 0691 PLD, DOB: 2/16/2020; SIRE: LT Patriot 4004 PLD: MGS: LT Long Distance 9001 P. Sold to Prairie Valley Charolais Farms, Platte, South Dakota, and Hebbert Charolais, Hyannis, Nebraska.

Lot 59 at $42,000 was LT Atlas 0251 PLD, DOB: 3/12/2020; SIRE: LT Patriot 4004 PLD; MGS: LT Rushmore 8060 PLD. Sold to Wild Indian Acres, DeSoto, Missouri, and Greer Charolais, Shelbyville, Texas.

Lot 8 at $37,500 was LT Affinity 0576 PLD, DOB: 2/8/2020; SIRE: LT Affinity 6221 PLD: MGS: WC Sky’s The Limit 3184 P. Sold to Blasé Land & Cattle Co. and Mark Miller, Grand Island, Nebraska.

Lot 108 at $35,000 was LT Concorde 0426 PLD, DOB: 4/26/2020; SIRE: LT Authority 7229 PLD: MGS: LT Blue Value 7983 ET. Sold to 5L Red Angus, Sheridan, Montana.

Lot 7 at $27,000 was LT Remington 0038 PLD, DOB: 2/22/2020; SIRE: LT Affinity 6221 PLD; MGS: LT Patriot 4004 PLD. Sold to Full Circle Cattle Co., Lakin, Kansas.

Top Angus Bulls:

Lot 190 at $150,000 was LT Checkpoint 0009, DOB: 2/14/2020; SIRE: Tehama Tahoe B767; MGS: Connealy Confidence Plus. Sold to ST Genetics, Navasota, Texas.

Lot 240 at $42,500 was LT Coalition 0107, DOB: 3/1/2020; SIRE: U-2 Coalition 206C; MGS: S A V Final Answer 0035. Sold to Blasé Land & Cattle Co. and Mark Miller, Grand Island, Nebraska.

Lot 237 at $32,000 was LT Coalition 0284, DOB: 3/14/2020; SIRE: U-2 Coalition 206C; MGS: S A V Resource 1441. Sold to Keckler Angus Ranch, Eagle Butte, South Dakota.

Lot 189 at $26,000 was LT Channel 0050, DOB: 2/24/2020; SIRE: Tehama Tahoe B767; MGS: LT Mission 5041. Sold to Styles Angus, Brentford, South Dakota.

Lot 253 at $25,000 was LT Teton 0303, DOB: 3/16/2020; SIRE: V D A R Sonny Boy 1194; MGS: LT Forefront 3287. Sold to Mill Bar Angus Ranch, Hayes Center, Nebraska.

Lot 239 at $24,000 was LT Ranger 0304, DOB: 3/16/2020; SIRE: U-2 Coalition 206C; MGS: Mytty In Focus. Sold to Wagonhammer Ranches, Albion, Nebraska and Kovarik Angus, Ord, Nebraska.

New to the LT sale and one of the day’s volume buyers, Brock Williams, Faith, South Dakota, selected eight Charolais bulls.
Shawn Claymore and his daughter, Kaitlyn Claymore, of McLaughlin, South Dakota, both purchased bulls for their ranch that runs along the Missouri River.
Long time buyers that select from the top, Maxine and Tracy Rosenow, Reeder, North Dakota.
Shane Grubl, Red Owl, South Dakota, purchased a maternally bred Angus bull for his front-line commercial operation.

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