Lisco and M Diamond 24th Annual Angus Bull Sale |

Lisco and M Diamond 24th Annual Angus Bull Sale

-Sale Summary-

Date: Mar. 25, 2016

Location: Central Wyoming Fairground Arena, Casper, WY

Auctioneer: Lex Madden

Sale Manager: Marcy Livestock Services, George Marcy

Reported by: Dan Piroutek & Scott Dirk


90 reg. Angus Bulls ave. $5,225

30 Yrlg Commercial Angus Heifer Calves from Lisco Angus ave. $1,300

26 Commercial Angus Pairs from M Diamond Angus ave. $2,450

It was a pretty nice, cool spring day for the team of Lisco and M Diamond to market their bulls. However, the weather was miserable around Lusk, Wyoming, and the Black Hills for my drive both in the morning and the afternoon. What a difference a few miles can make, especially at this time of the year!

Lisco Angus, owned by Dick Lisco, and M Diamond Angus, owned by Brad Boner, along with their families, hosted a big crowd for their annual production sale. These two firms have the same breeding philosophy. With only limited inputs, they raise cattle that thrive under the tough Wyoming range conditions, hence their slogan, “Drive to Thrive.” Their goal is to raise a better female that can survive on pasture, breed back, and still bring in a big calf every year. Some of their strongest traits are not necessarily measured by EPDs. These cattle are economical in both time and finances. They excel in fertility, fleshing ability, mothering ability, udder quality; disposition, and structural soundness.

These high quality bulls were exceptional for their extra muscle and volume. They were very sound on their feet and legs.

Top selling bull of the day was Lot 30 at $12,500, and purchased by Bridle Bit Ranch in Wyoming. Named Lisco Summit 5106, he was sired by S Summit 956, going back to GDAR Game Day 449, and out of a daughter of S Chisum 6175. He was born at 78 pounds and weaned at 835 pounds. His stats included a 15.3 square inch rib eye, and EPDs of CED 7, BW 2.1, WW 66, MILK 31, and YW 110. On sale day he weighed 1390 pounds.

Another popular bull was Lot 26, Lisco Summit 517. Sired by S Summit 956, going back to GDAR Game Day 449, he was out of a daughter of Redland Emblazon 2134. This was a calving ease bull with a 72 pound birth weight, and EPDs of CED 11, BW 0, WW55, MILK 28, and YW 98. He had weaned at 750 pounds and weighed 1305 pounds on sale day. He sold for $10,500 to another Wyoming ranch, Scott Ranch.

M Diamond 4 Aces 225 was Lot 20, and he sold for $10,000 to Sullivan Ranch from Wyoming. Here was a son of Sitz 4 Aces 4551, and out of a daughter of Marcys 07 Broadband. He was 82 pounds at birth, with EPDs of BW 2.6, WW 54, MILK 20, and YW 98. He was deep-ribbed and heavy muscled, with a 14.4 square inch rib eye, weighing 1380 pounds on sale day.

Another bull at $10,000 was Lot 15, Lisco 4 Aces 515. His new owner is Double L Riverbend Ranch from Wyoming. He was also sired by Sitz 4 Aces 4551, but his mother was a daughter of Baldridge Nebraska 901. This was a powerful bull with an 83 pound birth weight, a 763 pound weaning weight, and a sale day weight of 1415 pounds. He had a 14.4 square inch rib eye and a scrotal measurement of 39 cm. His EPDs were BW 3.2, WW 56, MILK 16, and YW 99, with a marbling score of 3.58.

M Diamond Ace of Spades 795, Lot 7, sold to the Wyoming ranch, J Bar M Angus, for $9,500. Another son of Sitz 4 Aces 4551, he was out of a Pathfinder daughter of SAV Final Answer 0035. You had to like the look of this bull—deep, stout, and long, with great feet and legs. He was loaded with performance and maternal genetics. He weaned at 815 pounds and was 1430 pounds on sale day. Along with an IMF of 3.58 and a rib eye of 16.1 square inches, he posted EPDs of BW 3.4, WW 68, MILK 23, and YW 117. He had a 40 cm. scrotal measurement.

Another bull for the Double L Riverbend Ranch, at $9,500, was Lot 66, Lisco Columbus 549. Here was a bull sired by Bartel Columbus 310, who was a sale highlight at Midland Bull Test in 2014. His mother was a daughter of Connealy Front Page 0228, and he was 83 pounds at birth. He had a marbling score of 6.06 to ratio 164, and EPDs of CED 2, BW 1.8, WW 59, MILK 22, and YW 101.

Congratulations to two of the good guys in the business!

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