Lucky 7 Angus “Cowboy Bulls” Bull Sale |

Lucky 7 Angus “Cowboy Bulls” Bull Sale

Bob Stoddard, Newcastle, Wyoming, repeat Lucky 7 Angus bull buyer purchased several top bulls.

Date: Mar. 5, 2016

Location: Riverton Livestock Auction, Riverton, Wyo

Auctioneer: Warren Thompson

TSLN Rep.: Scott Dirk


351 Angus bulls – $6,408

3 Ranch horses – $8,333

The Lucky 7 Angus crew welcomed a standing room only crowd of buyers for their 17th annual bull sale held in Riverton, Wyoming, on Mar. 5.

The Lucky 7 program is one based on feed efficiency and practicality. These bulls are not pampered, they are fed in a manner to express genetic potential with out sacrificing soundness. The bulls are fed in a “Growsafe” feed system and PAP tested at elevation above 7,000 feet. Lucky 7 Angus also has an extensive embryo program, recognizing and utilizing the genetics that have been proven to work in their intense environment. When you buy a Lucky 7 Angus bull, you are buying into a program and philosophy of success.

Topping the sale was lot 29, Lucky 7 I87 4198, an Apr. 2014 son of Lucky 7 I87 978 that has EPDs of BW 0.6 WW 63 YW 98 Milk 18 with a weaning ratio of 108 and low PAP score of 36. Longtime repeat buyer, Bob and Gail Stoddard, Newcastle, Wyoming won the bidding battle at $29,000.

Selling at $17,000 was lot 91, Lucky 7 Patriot 4041, an Apr. 2014 son of DeGrand 1314 Patriot out of a very productive Highline Right Time dam that has weaned 6 calves at 106 ratio and had 6 with a yearling ratio of 110. This bull has EPDs of BW 0.4 WW 58 YW 105 Milk 22 $B 117.76 and sold to DeGrand Angus, Baker, MT.

Stoddard also picked lot 11, Lucky 7 Ten X 502, a Jan. 2015 son of AAR Ten X with EPDs of BW 1.3 WW 64 YW 117 Milk 27, weaning ratio of 111 for $16,500.

Lot 64, Lucky 7 Homesteader 4516, a Sept. 2014 son of SD Homesteader 708 with EPDs of -0.4 WW 57 YW 103 Milk 31 sold to Dunmire Ranch Co., McFadden, Wyoming for $11,500.

Three bulls sold at $11,000 each:

Lot 42, Lucky 7 Homesteader 551, a Mar. 2015 son of Lucky 7 Homesteader sold to Dunmire Ranch.

Lot 88, Lucky 7 I87 4023 and lot 148, Lucky 7 Hoover Dam 4241 are both calving ease bulls that sold to Bob and Gail Stoddard.

Photos courtesy Lucky 7 Angus, Mia Varra.

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