Ludvigson Stock Farms Herdbuilder Red Angus Bull Sale |

Ludvigson Stock Farms Herdbuilder Red Angus Bull Sale

Donnell Brown of RA Brown Ranch of Throckmorton, Texas, stayed hooked until the bitter end.

Date: April 9, 2016

Location: Weschenfelder Development Center, Shepherd, Mont.

Auctioneers: Jim Birdwell and Trent Stewart

TSLN Reps: Scott Dirk and Rowdy Benson


1 Elite Herd Bull – $150,000

10 Premier Herd Bulls – $15,500

266 Ranch Ready Range Bulls – $4,674

It was hot and dry at the Weschenfelder Development Center for the Ludvigson Stock Farms Spring Herdbuilder sale. The bulls represent some of the very best genetics in the Red Angus breed. When the buyers found a good one, they tied onto them hard and fast. These bulls are developed in a feedlot so buyers can be sure that when they receive the data on that bull it is exact science. These bulls are “fed a high roughage ration that allows the bulls to express their genetic potential.”

They are fully developed and have a sharp look with hopes they keep some of that condition while breeding cows. The Ludvigson Stock Farms wants to be the one supplier for all of your bull needs and will continue to offer record numbers of bulls to meet the demand. Keep an eye on the Brown Premier X7876 son’s in the future.

Here are the high sellers:

Topping the charts nationwide was Lot 31, LSF MEW Platinum 5660C, selling for an unbelievable $150,000 to Tilleman Bootjack of Havre, Montana, Bachman Cattle Farms of Chillicothe, Missouri, Wedel Red Angus of Leoti, Kansas, Knaub Cattle Company of Lodge Grass, Montana, Anderson Land and Cattle of Oberlin, Kansas, Lundgren Angus Ranch of Gove, Kansas, SRS Red Angus of Haswell, Colorado, Cross Diamond Cattle Company of Bertrand, Nebraska, Lorenzen/Huntington of Bend, Oregon, Dunn/Dutson of Terrebonne, Oregon, Badlands Red Angus of Arnegaard, North Dakota and Benchmark Angus of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. He is a son of Brown Incredabull Z7277; he posted EPDs of BW -2.9, WW 88, YW 156, and Milk 20. He was born Jan 18. 2015 at 67 pounds and was 719 pounds at weaning.

Lot 55, LSF TBJ Redeem 5830C, was sold for $21,000 to Juan Debarnardi SL of Buenos Aires, Argentina and Orion Beef Group of Billings, Mont. He is a son of Brown JYJ Redemption with EPDs of BW -3.3, WW 76, YW 140, and Milk 18. He was born Feb. 9, 2015 at 83 pounds and was 746 pounds at weaning.

Selling for $17,000 was Lot 1, LSF SRR Quality Grid 5095C, to Southern Cattle Company of Dothan, Alabama. He is sired by LSF Takeover 9943W and was born Jan. 30, 2015 at 89 pounds and weaned at 611 pounds. His EPDs include BW -3.9, WW 63, YW 106, and Milk 21.

Loosli Red Angus of Ashton, Idaho, purchased Lot 26, LSF RSL Special Forces 5509C, for $17,000. This Jan. 14, 2015 bull was 78 pounds at birth, 764 pounds at weaning, and is sired by LSF RHO Titonka Z721. His EPDs include BW -4.6, WW 62, YW 97, and Milk 25.

Clear down at Lot 290, LSF SRR Commander 5906C sold to Jerrel Key of Gruver, TX for $16,000. He’s a Brown Premier X7876 son with EPDs of BW -4.8, WW 61, YW 91, and Milk 27. He was born Jan. 26, 2015, at 65 pounds and was 636 pounds at weaning.

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