Ma & Pa Angus Bull Sale

Del Brost, Murdo, SD, Ma & Pa Angus bull buyer.

Date: Apr. 25, 2016

Location: Presho Livestock Auction, Presho, SD

Auctioneer: Ron Volmer

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk


54 Yearling Angus bulls – $4,882

52 Commercial open heifers – $1,360

The Mowry family, Steve & Deb along with sons, Sage & Shilo brought their best set of bulls ever to Presho Livestock Auction for their 19th Annual Ma & Pa Angus bull sale.

The Ma & Pa bulls are “pasture tested” not feedlot tested. Steve has set very high standards for his cowherd, they are expected to raise and wean a calf every year. If not, she goes to town. The cows calve out in the pasture, not in the yard. They are expected to raise and nurture that calf and bring it in at weaning time. Raising cattle that fit or can adapt to their environment is what Ma & Pa Angus is all about. When looking thru the sale catalog, it looks like that philosophy is working when you see all the pathfinder dams and grand dams in the pedigrees of the sale bulls.

These bulls were range ready, hard bodied, easy keepers that their new owners will appreciate more and more as the breeding season progresses. As Steve pointed out “you see what you get” when you purchase a Ma & Pa Angus bull, these are “real world” cattle.

Topping the sale was lot 083, a Mar. 2016 son of Sinclair Shadow Rider 9S22. This bull wasn’t registered, but posted great performance and has the Angus look that commercial cattlemen are looking for. He had a weaning weight of 673 pounds, WR of 102 with a 110 gain ratio. Yearling weight was 1,252 pounds and rib eye area of 13.3 with 5.28 IMF. Pat Lapke, Leola, SD was the buyer at $8,250.

Lapke also purchased lot 153, an Apr. 2015 son of Sinclair Emperor 0XT8 that had a weaning weight of 714 pounds, ratio 110, yearling weight of 1,311 pounds and epds of CED 9 BW -1.9 WW 50 YW 87 Milk 21. The hammer fell on this bull at $7,500.

Lot 057, an Apr. 2015 son of Ma & Pa Sequal X654 with epds of CED 4 BW 1.1 WW 45 YW 93 Milk 19 sold to Cody Volmer, Presho, SD for $7,000.

Lot 179 also sold at $7,000 to Rod Lookabil, Wood, SD. This bull is a Mar. 2015 son of Sinclair Shadow Rider 9S22 with epds of CED -4 BW 2.5 WW 45 YW 88 Milk 16. This was one of the highest gaining bulls in the sale with a 4.15 ADG on test to ratio 127.

Lot 634 sold to Jan Henrikson, Vivian, SD for $6,750. This Mar. 2015 son of Ma & Pa Black Pine 1541 has epds of CED 8 BW -1.5 WW 42 YW 69 Milk 30 and is out of a pathfinder dam and grand-dam.