MacDonald Ranches Performance Power 2018 Sale Report |

MacDonald Ranches Performance Power 2018 Sale Report

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: March 13, 2018

Location: Kist Livestock Mandan, ND

Auctioneer: Al Conover


145 Salers at $4,828

10 Angus at $4,600

15 Open Heifers at $2,200

69 Bred Cows at $1,756

Sale Highlights

Lot 3 at $14,000 MAC EQUAL FORCE 309E Dob 3-5-2017, Mac Atomic Force 36 A x Mac Barbara 192B sold to Elm creek Ranch Herbron, N.D.

Lot 77 at $10,000 MAC EMPORER 114E Dob 2-16-2018, Big Sky Evidence 53 Y x Mac Snap Dragon 57S sold to Rinell Cattle Company, Ninnekah,Okla.

Lot 106 at $10,000 MAC EXPRESSWAY 277E Dob 3-3-2017, Mac Torrington 139T x Mac F1 Red Belle 48B sold to Robert Ellingson, Britton,S.D.

Lot 128 at $10,000 MAC EXPLORER 53E Dob 2-6-2017, Mac Anders 29A x Mac Coryn 94C sold to Garret Schwalbe, Center, N.D.

Lot 120 at $10,000 MAC ESCAPE 383E Dob 3-11-2017, OPP Saper 847U x Mac Agnes 92A sold to Cory Burkle, Fredonia, N.D.

Lot 140 at 10,000 MAC FI ENDURANCE 43E Dob 2-4-2017, Connealy Comrade 1385 x Mac Carina 176C sold to MJR Ranch, Lodge Grass, Mont.

and Parke Ranch, Drummond, Mont.

The MacDonald Ranches had a great day for the sale with a lot of interest in the cattle and a big group of buyers on the seats.