MacDonald Ranches Performance Power 2021 |

MacDonald Ranches Performance Power 2021


TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: March 9, 2021


Location: Kist Livestock, Mandan, North Dakota

Auctioneer: Al Conover


136 Salers / Optimizer Bulls – $5,292

4 Angus Bulls – $4,688

13 Open Registered Heifers – $2,362

70 Registered Bred Females – $1,962


Lot 58 at $15,000, MAC HAWK 99H, Dob 2-8-2020, ECR Hunter 710E x MAC FAYE 22F, sold to Scattered Spruce Acres, Alberta, Canada.

Lot 36 at $12,000, MAC HUMMER 32H, Dob 1-30-2020, Mac Anders29A x MAC FELICITY 543F, sold to Don Johnson Ebbank, Kentucky.

Lot 23 at $10,500, MAC HAMLET 116H, Dob 2-13-2020, MAC Essential Force 533E x Mac Amber Lights 237A, sold to Ashly Farms, Voltaire, North Dakota.

Lot 11 at $10,000, MAC HIGHER ORDER, Dob 2-4-2020, Mac Connor 7C x Mac Abbey 3A sold to Doug Lawrence, White Horse, South Dakota.

Lot 119 at $10,000, MAC HIGH ROAD 251H, Dob 2-17-2020, MAC Field Day106F x MAC F1 Erica 101E, sold to Bierkle. Farms Fredonia, North Dakota.

Top selling Females

Lot 183 at $3,200, MAC HEIRESS 132H, Dob 2-15-2020, Mac Emporer114E x Mac Daria 216D, sold to Scattered Spruce Acres, Canada.

Lot 194 at $3,200, MAC HONOR 56H. Dob 2-2-2020, Mac Connor 7C x Mac F1 Fae 203F, sold Brenda & Rob Bodine, Voltaire, North Dakota.

Ryan and Jessica Jarratt
James and Sarah Smedshammer



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