MacDonald Ranches Performance Power Sale 2022

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: March 8, 2022

Location: Kist Livestock, Mandan, North Dakota

Auctioneer: Al Conover


144 Salers & Optimizer Bulls – $5,584

5 Angus Bulls – $5,100

15 Registered Salers Open Heifers – $2,187

64 Bred Salers & Salers-cross Females – $2,251

Great sale for the MacDonald team – a big crowd of buyers on the seats at Kist Livestock viewed a powerful set of bulls.

Top selling Salers bulls:

Lot 33. MAC Jetliner 151J, February 21, 2021, Black Polled 7/8, MAC Essential Force 533E x Opp Saber 847U, Effertz Key Ranch, Velva, ND.

Lot 103. $13,500, MAC Jaguar 19J, January 26, 2021, Black Polled Optimizer, MAC Field Day 106F x MAC F1 Apalachee 242A, Larry Jones, Keene, ND.

Lot 22. $10,000, MAC Jumbo 45J, January 31, 2021, Black Polled PB, MAC Essential Force 533E x MAC Connor 7C, Burkle Ranch, Fredonia, ND.

Lot 101. $10,000, MAC Jellystone 188J, February 25, 2021, Black Polled PB, MAC Cornerstone 181C x KKCC Resolution 901W, Burkle Ranch, Fredonia, ND.

Top selling Angus bull:

Lot 193. $8,000, MAC Jumbotron 147J, February 21, 2021, SAV Rainfall 6846 x Barstow Cash, Doyle Musick, Pierre, SD

Top selling open heifer:

Lot 194. $4,000, MAC Julie 52J, January 31, 2021, Black Polled PB, MAC Game Changer 202G x MAC Atomic Force 36A, Elm Creek Ranch, Hebron, ND

LaRae and Brad Kostenko
Linda and Ty



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