Mangen Angus Ranch Annual Bull Sale

Sale host John Mangen with Mick Varilek at the Mangen Angus sale.

Date of Sale: April 26, 2018

Location: Belle Fourche Livestock Auction, Belle Fouche, SD

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar

TSLN Reps: Scott Dirk, Dan Piroutek


131 Yearling Angus bulls – $5,008

What a beautiful sale day for Mangen Angus annual bull sale. There was a near capacity crowd on hand for the sale. Those folks sat and purchased a great set of yearling Angus bulls. Mangen Angus offers a full one year guarantee on the bulls and there were many, many repeat buyers in the seats.

The top selling bull was lot 4, MAR Tiger 7504, a 3/17 son of GS Tiger 333 with EPDs of: BW 1.3 WW 47 YW 87 Milk 24 selling to Green Mountain Angus, Rygate, Montana, for $21,000.

Lot 191, MAR Romeo 7691, a 2/17 son of SR Romeo 545 with EPDs of: BW 3.0 WW 66 Milk 26 YW 118 sold to Scherbenske Angus, Lehr, North Dakota, for $15,000.

Lot 22, MAR Tiger 7522, a 3/17 son of GS Tiger 328 with EPDs of: BW 2.5 WW 53 Milk 24 YW 94 sold to Duane Talcott, Hammond, Montana, for $9,500.

Also at $9,500 was lot 5, MAR Tiger 7505, a 4/17 son of GS Tiger 333 with EPDs of: BW 0.7 WW 65 Milk 22 YW 97 to Doug Gardner, Hammond.

Lot 2, MAR Tiger 7502, a 3/17 son of GS Tiger 333 sold to Duane Talcott for $9,000.

Lot 130, MAR Confidence 7630, a 4/13 son of Varilek Confidence 3006 1, sold to Sandage Angus, Gordon, Nebraska for $9,000.