McCann Red Angus 1st Annual Bull Sale |

McCann Red Angus 1st Annual Bull Sale


TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: Feb. 20, 2021


Location: Billings Livestock Commission-Billings, Montana

Auctioneer: Greg Goggins


103 Red Angus Bulls – $4,718

McCann Red Angus held their 1st Annual Bull Sale on Saturday Feb. 20, 2021 at Billings Livestock Commission-Billings, Montana. The McCann family have owned and operated a farming and commercial ranching business for well over 100 years and decided last November to venture into selling registered cattle. McCann Red Angus purchased the entire Crump Red Angus Herd and will carry on the tradition of offering great Red Angus genetics to customers. Congratulations on a great sale!

Lot 7 at $13,000, CRUMP INNOVATION 0103, DOB 1/3/20, CRUMP INNOVATION 8185 x CRUMP VERNICE 898, Sold to Rich Rohrich, Steele, North Dakota.

Lot 41 at $10,500, CRUMP POWER KIND 0141, DOB 1/28/20, CRUMP POWER KIND 7111 x CRUMP VERNICE 536, Sold to Henderson Ranch Inc., Lodgepole, South Dakota.

Lot 100 at $8,000, CRUMP JUST RIGHT 0175, DOB 1/31/20, PIE JUST RIGHT 540 x CRUMP VERNICE 6382, Sold to Meidinger & Sons, Fallon, Montana.

Lot 102 at $7,500, CRUMP COMPLETE 0127, DOB 1/22/20, BROWN COMPLETE B238 x CRUMP NANCY 5172, Sold to Joe Schettler, Killdeer, North Dakota.

Lot 11 at $7,250, CRUMP INNOVATION 0101, DOB 12/29/19, CRUMP INNOVATION 8185 x CRUMP VERNICE 8128, Sold to Tate Harris, Killdeer, North Dakota.

Lot 46 at $7,250, CRUMP SUPREME 0721, DOB 1/29/20, CRUMP SUPREME 7813 x CRUMP RAM 4416, Sold to Senn Red Angus, Mud Butte, South Dakota.

Lot 36 at $7,250, CRUMP RESOURCE 0771, DOB 2/19/20, CRUMP RESOURCE 8201 x CRUMP EMMA 220, Sold to Harmony Hill Red Angus, Bozeman, Montana.

Bill and Lori McCann held the 1st Annual McCann Red Angus sale at BLS in Billings, Montana


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