McConnell Angus Bull Sale |

McConnell Angus Bull Sale

McConnells drew a large crowd to their sale near Dix, Neb.

Date: February 6, 2015

Location: At the Ranch Dix, Nebraska

Auctioneer: Lex Madden

Reported by: Rowdy Benson

Average: 151 bulls – $9,882

Wow, what a day at the McConnell Angus Ranch down in Dix, NE. Good weather and great food accompanied the fantastic bull crop offered by Ryan, Royce, and Roger McConnell families. There were over 22 sire groups on the list but I must say this was as even of a field of bull power as I’ve ever seen. It was a packed ringside with active bidders all throughout the day keeping the market strong. The McConnell’s focus on the mamma cow, and if anyone has a hard working mamma you know her son has his working clothes on and these bulls were no different. Packed with length, thickness, and a classy look the bulls offered would benefit any outfit. The bidding never stopped until we ran out of bulls, but here is how the very top balanced out:

Lot 1, McConnell Comrade 3114, sold to Beaman X6 Ranch of Colorado. I had a bet before the sale with my wife that this bull would sell for $50,000. I was wrong, because he topped the sale for a whopping $68,000. He is a son of Connealy Comrade 1385 born 8/15/13 weighing 69lbs and 781lbs at 205. His EPD’s are BW -0.9; WW 54; YW 94; Milk 28.

Lot 16, McConnell Resource 3427, sold for $32,500 to the Hollingsworth Ranch in Wyoming. This SAV Resource 1441 son had an 80lbs birth weight and 856lbs 205day weight. His EPD’s are BW 2.7; WW 57; YW 87; Milk 35.

The next show stopper was Lot 12, McConnell Resource 3112. He sold for $23,000 to Monaghan Ranch in Wyoming. With a birth weight of 77lbs and 205day weight of 874lbs made this SAV Resource 1441 son a standout bull. His EPD’s are BW 2.6; WW 77; YW 128; Milk 35.

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