Medicine Rock Angus Ranch Annual Production Sale |

Medicine Rock Angus Ranch Annual Production Sale

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: April 23, 2021


Location: Bowman Auction Market-Bowman, North Dakota

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins


72 Yearling Bulls – $3,453

105 Commercial Yearling Heifers – $1,033


Some much appreciated moisture was on hand for the Annual Medicine Rocks Angus Ranch Annual Production Sale Friday April 23, 2021 at Bowman Auction Market-Bowman, North Dakota. Medicine Rocks Angus Ranch along with Spring Angus Ranch offered a fancy set of commercial heifers and consistent set of bulls to the customers in the seats. Congratulations on a great sale!

LOT 13 at $6,000, MED ROCK FOUNDATION PM 032, 3/23/20, S FOUNDATION 514 x ROCK’N D PROFICIENT 2915, sold to Diamond S Ranch, Union Center, South Dakota.

Lot 25 at $6000, SPRING BC DUTCH 007, 3/22/20, MED ROCK BEAVER CREEK 628 x JINDRA DOUBLE VISION, sold to Joe Norman, Piedmont, South Dakota.

Lot 21 at $5750, MED ROCK BEAVER AVIATOR 036, 3/28/20, MED ROCK BEAVER CREEK 628 x MUSGRAVE AVIATOR, sold to Dace Hayden, Baker, Montana.

Lot 3 at $5000, MED ROCK POWER LOAD 018, 3/10/20, SITZ RELOAD 411C x PA POWER TOOL 9108, sold to John Johnson, Buffalo, South Dakota.

Lot 11 at $5000, MED ROCK RELOAD PM 033, 3/29/20, SITZ RELOAD 411C x BOVAGENE SPRINT OF LCR, sold to Leroy Schallenberger, Ekalaka, Montana.

Customers study the catalog while looking at the cattle.


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