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Medicine Rocks Angus Ranch

Bonnie and John Johnson from Buffalo, SD along with Jack Werre from Bowman, ND bought several bulls at the Medicine Rocks Angus Ranch bull sale.

TSLN Reps: Dennis Ginkens, Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: April 16, 2018

Location: Bowman Auction Market Bowman, North Dakota

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins


74 bulls – $3,604

70 commercial heifers – $1,272

A gorgeous spring day found a parking lot packed with trailers and seats filled with buyers at Bowman Auction Market in Bowman, North Dakota for the Annual Medicine Rocks Angus Ranch Bull Sale April 28 2018. Medicine Rocks once again brought an outstanding set of bulls featuring shape, muscle, and eye appeal to offer to the buyers and started the sale off with a classy set of commercial heifers.

Congratulations on a successful sale!

Lot 17 at $7,250, MED ROCK COWBOY FOCUS 719, DOB 3-24-17, REG# 19056992, HA COWBOY UP 5404 x MED ROCK LANA MIF 027, sold to Scott Kittlemann. Ekalaka, Montana.

Lot 18 at $7,000, MED ROCK COWBOY FOCUS 726, DOB 3-22-17, REG# 19056993, HA COWBOY UP 5405 x MED ROCK ANNIE FOCUS 033, sold to Jardee Ranch, Ekalaka, Montana.

Lot 8 at $7,000, MED ROCK ROCKN UP 751, DOB 3-24-17, REG# 19056744, CONNEALY COMRADE 1385 x MED ROCK PAULA UPWARD 065, sold to Melvin Woentz & Sons Baker, Montana.

Lot 10 at $6,500, MED ROCK TRUE COMRADE 766, DOB 3-15-17, REG# 19056741, CONNEALY COMRADE 1385 x MED ROCK OLENA GRIT 300, sold to Daryl Wallman Rhame, North Dakota.

Lot 6 at $6,500, MED ROCK WINDY COMRADE 744, DOB 3-11-17, REG# 19056725, CONNEALY COMRADE 1385 x MED ROCK WINDY MONA PM 586, sold to Jeremy Schallenberger Baker, Montana.

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