Millar Angus annual production sale |

Millar Angus annual production sale

David Scott, Owanka, S.D., and Lyle Wetz, Vale, S.D. discuss the bulls.

Date: Feb. 18, 2015

Location: At the ranch, near Sturgis, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Doug Dietterle

Reported by: Scott Dirk and Rowdy Benson

Average: 120 Angus bulls – $8,156

It was a mighty fine day east of Sturgis at the Millar Angus Ranch Feb. 18, 2015. There were a few changes to the sale this year, mostly the location. Probably one of the nicest facilities, suiting customers coming to buy bulls. And why not the best for some of the best? The bulls in the offering are some of the top bulls in the breed. They represent Angus well with muscle thickness, length, and performance that would boost any herd. A full crowd was in attendance and active, trying to get a part of the Millar Angus genetics. Jon and Breezy Millar truly stand behind every bull and if Jon wouldn’t buy them, they won’t be put into the sale. What a guarantee from a rancher for the rancher! It was a level field all day, here are some that came to the top:

Lot 13, Millars Tombstone 4154, set the top sale price at $13,000. Four more bulls would achieve this price before the day’s end. Purchased by Ross Krull of Harrold, South Dakota, this Tombstone 050 son had EPDs of BW 0.2, WW 71, YW 115, and Milk 32. He weighed 80 pounds at birth on Feb. 11, 2014, and had an ADJ 205 746 pounds with a 3.6 pounds ADG.

Lot 55, Millars Windy 4118, gained a lot of attention and tied the top end at $13,000 going to Floyd Cammack of Union Center, South Dakota. This VDAR Really Windy 4097 son was born weighing 88 pounds on Jan. 15, 2014, with an ADJ 205 760 pounds and an ADG 3.8 pounds His EPDs are BW 2.1, WW 66, YW 103, and Milk 19.

Lot 59, Millars Windy 432, also shared the top spot at $13,000, selling to Jerry Bush of Pierre, South Dakota. Another VDAR Really Windy 4097 son weighing 64 pounds at birth on FEb. 21, 2014, had an ADJ 205 738 pounds with an ADG 3.3 pounds This bull recommended for heifers has EPDs of BW -2.9, WW 67, YW 106, and Milk 20.

Lot 2, Millars Tombstone 472, sold to the Plus Bar Ranch of Lexington, Nebraska, for $13,000. This is another son out the great sire Tombstone 050 with EPDs of BW 0.7, WW 69, YW 113, and Milk 31. Called “a game-changer,” this extra thick bull weighed 86 pounds at birth on Jan. 30, 2014, had an ADJ 205 803 pounds and an ADG 3.8 pounds

Lot 3, Millars Tombstone 445, sold to Ross Krull of Harrold, South Dakota for $13,000. At this point even I could figure the sale average. This is another good Tombstone 050 son, called a power house after his performance born at 92 pounds on Jan. 10, 2014, had an ADG of 3.9 pounds and an ADJ 205 783 pounds His EPDs are BW 2.1, WW 69, YW 109, and Milk 29.

Lot 1, Millars Double Shot 4114, sold to Chuck Enders of Kadoka, South Dakota for $12,500. An outstanding Tombstone 050 son born Jan. 25, 2014, weighing 82 pounds with and ADG 3.8 pounds had an ADJ 205 760 pounds His EPDs are BW 0.8, WW 71, YW 116, and Milk 30.

Lot 11, Millars Tombstone 448, sold to the Plus Bar Ranch of Lexington, Nebraska, for $12,500. Once again out of that Tombstone 050 sire group, this bull had EPDs of BW 1.1, WW 65, YW 108, and Milk 32. He was born Feb. 4, 2014, weighing 88 pounds had and ADG 3.7 pounds and ADJ 205 761 pounds

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