Miller Angus 15th Annual Bull Sale |

Miller Angus 15th Annual Bull Sale

TSLN Rep: Jake St.Amant

Date of Sale: Feb. 20, 2022

Location: Valentine Livestock Auction, Valentine, NE

Auctioneer: Matt Lowery


83 Older Bulls – $6,237

83 Total Head – $6,237

The Miller family brought a great set of Angus bulls to Valentine for their annual bull sale. The sale was led off by a great one – the Lot 64 bull. Congrats to the entire Miller family.

Lot 64 LPM Raindance 147 Sold for $12,000.00 to Dale Arensdorf -Tryon, NE

Lot 67 LPM Payweight 181 Sold for $10,000.00 to Dale Stover – Kilgore, NE

Lot 68 LPM Payweight 0557 Sold for $9,750.00 to Robert Olsen – Alzada, MT

Lot 12 LPM Network 218 Sold for $9,250.00 to Donnie Lonkwitz – Maxwell, NE

Lot 61 LPM Network 645 Sold for $8,750.00 to Gordon White – Crookston, NE

Landon Miller makes opening comments as the first lot comes in.

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