Mogck & Sons Angus of Olivet |

Mogck & Sons Angus of Olivet

TSLN Reps: Dennis Ginkens and Dan Piroutek

Date: February 17, 2022

Location: At the farm, Olivet, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar

Reported by: Dan Piroutek


114 Reg. yrlg Angus Bulls – $6,164

20 Pairs – $3,670

20 Bred Heifers – $3,280

A big crowd was on hand for the annual Mogck & Sons Angus Production Sale. The cattle always look outstanding as they are displayed on grassy lots right in the yard. The sale moved right along with great demand from commercial cattlemen. Charles Mogck buys many of his customers’ calves to finish them out. These bulls have good production numbers. There was extra demand on the female portion of the sale.

Top Selling Bulls:

Lot 68: $21,000 to Doug Nichols, Bartlett, Nebraska – Deer Valley Growth Fund x EF Commando 1366

Lot 69: $17,000 to Mark Boraas, Appleton, Minnesota – Deer Valley Growth Fund x G A R Prophet

Lot 103: $16,000 to Quinton Johnson, Corson, South Dakota – SydGen Brickyard x 3F Epic 4631

Lot 56: $14,500 to Joshua Sachs, Appleton, Minnesota – G A R Ashland x A & B SpotLite 3065

Lot 32: $14,000 to South Dakota Buyer – Sitz Barricade 632F x Connealy Final Solution

Lot 1: $13,500 to Fuoss Angus Ranch, Draper, South Dakota – SydGen KCF Gavel 8361 x Poss Maverick

Lot 67: $12,500 to South Dakota Buyer – Deer Valley Growth Fund x MOGCK Czar 256

Lot 34: $12,000 to Mehlhaf Angus, Freeman , South Dakota – Tehama Tahoe B767 x SydGen Enhance

Gary Auch and Don Trimmer enjoy visiting after the auction.
Mark Boraas and Joshua Sachs, both from Appleton, Minnesota, have been good customers for many years. Mark Boraas purchased Lot 69, a son of Deer Valley Growth Fund, at $17,000. Joshua Sachs purchased Lot 56, a son of G A R Ashland, at $14,500.

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