Mohnen Angus 2016 Sale—“Power of Genetics” |

Mohnen Angus 2016 Sale—“Power of Genetics”

Date: Feb. 12, 2016

Location: at the Ranch, south of White Lake, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar

Reported by: Dan Piroutek and Chris Effling


127 Ylg Angus bulls – $8,750

21 SimAngus bulls – $6,500

It’s been very gratifying to see the progress of this herd of cattle as they have evolved into one of the nation’s top suppliers of quality seedstock. Mohnen Angus is owned by Steve and Kathy Mohnen and their family—Josh and Katie, John and Tory, Jen and Ty, and Jared, along with the grandkids who love spending time on the farm.

The Mohnen program is truly a breeding program built around proven genetics. Their strong cow families continue to produce “sought after” genetics.

Steve and Kathy have put together a well-organized catalog, packed with information. After reading the catalog, you can easily find the bulls that would be a good fit for your herd.

This was an outstanding set of bulls that were fun to look at. They are wide-based and pound the biggest bulls I see each year.

The sale was very competitive through the first two-thirds of the sale, with some good buys made in the $2,000-$3,500 range.

ST Genetics from Navasota, Texas, was the top bidder at the sale, with their purchase of Lot 60 at $50,000, Lot 85 at $42,500, and Lot 7 at $29,000. Lot 60, Mohnen Resource 2385, was the complete package. He was an embryo transfer, sired by SAV Resource 1441, and out of a pathfinder from the Jilt cow family. Born at 85 pounds, he had weaned at 895 pounds before growing to a yearling weight of 1,565 pounds. His EPDs were CED 5, BW 2.6, WW 66, YW 120, MILK 36, MARB 0.24, REA 0.99, and $B 152.40. This Denver Carload bull had a 16.9 square inch rib eye.

Lot 85, Mohnen Insight 1215, was a flush brother son of PVF Insight 0129, born at 81 pounds, and weaning at 791 pounds. His EPDs included CED 13, BW 0.4, WW 66, YW 113, MILK 33, MARB 0.54, REA 0.93, and $B 123.59.

Lot 7 was a calving ease Impressive son with EPDs of CED 16, BW -1.1, WW 56, YW 111, MILK 29, and MARB 0.62. Born at 78 pounds he weaned at 786 pounds, and posted a yearling weight of 1,439 pounds.

Accelerated Genetics from Baraboo, Wisconsin, was the new owner of Lot 57 at $25,000. This Denver Carload bull was sired by SAV Resource 1441 and out of a SAV Final Answer 0035 daughter. Born at 93 pounds, he weaned at 892 pounds, and reached 1650 pounds as a yearling. His EPDs were BW 1.8, WW 65, YW 119, MILK 32, and $B 146.91. His rib eye was 17 square inches, and he had an IMF of 5.86.

Edgar Brothers, Rockham, South Dakota, paid $24,000 to own Lot 12. Mohnen Impressive 715 was sired by Mohnen Impressive 1093, with the Mohnen Jilt cow line on the dam’s side. With lots of muscle and performance, his EPDs were CED 14, BW -1.2, WW 61, YW 110, and MILK 27. This calving ease bull was born at 71 pounds, and grew to weaning and yearling weights of 874 and 1,461 pounds.

Dean Christenson of Fullerton, Nebraska, found a heifer bull in Lot 14 at $24,000. This Denver Carload bull was a flush brother out of Mohnen Impressive 1093, with SAV Final Answer 0035 on the dam side.

Other High Selling Angus:

Lot 71: Vision Unanimous 1418 x SAV Pioneer 7301(Jilt cow line) to Bruns Angus, Madison, South Dakota at $22,000

Lot 29: Mohnen South Dakota 402 x SAV Final Answer 0035 to Mark Boraas, Appleton, Minnesota at $18,000

Lot 53: SAV Resource 1441 x HARB Windy 702JH to ST Genetics at $17,000

Lot 2: Mohnen Impressive 1093 x Connealy Final Product (BW EPD -0.7, YW EPD 119) to Accelerated Genetics at $17,000

Lot 52: SAV Resource 1441 x Mohnen Crown Royal 316 to David and Lisa McCarthy, Newport, Nebraska, at $16,000

Lot 1: Mohnen Impressive 1093 x SAV Pioneer 7301 to Accelerated Genetics at $14,000

High Selling SimAngus:

Lot 141: ET Flush Brother, Mohnen Lock N Load C15, three-fourths Simmental, to Accelerated Genetics at $11,500

Lot 142: ET Flush Brother, Mohnen Lock N Load C145, three-fourths Simmental, (19.22 rib eye) to R & R Cattle, Emerson, Nebraska, at $11,000

Lot 145: Remington Lock N Load 54U x JF Milestone 999W, three-fourths Simmental, to Braden Bohlman, Correll, Minnesota, at $11,000

Lot 144: Remington Lock N Load 54U x JF Milestone 999W, three-fourths Simmental, to R&R Cattle at $10,500

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