Mohnen Angus Female Sale |

Mohnen Angus Female Sale

Date: Sept. 15, 2022

Location: at the Ranch, southwest of White Lake, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar

TSLN Rep: Dan Piroutek


53 Open Angus Heifers – $3,253

34 Bred Heifers – $4,354

60 Bred Cows – $4,830

24 Embryos – $893

There was tremendous demand for these good, Angus females. Steve and Kathy Mohnen and Josh and John and their families, continue to feature progeny of the great Mohnen Jilt family, along with other lines. Mohnen hospitality and food is second to none.

Top Open Heifers:

Lot 8A: Mohnen Jilt 982, sired by Mohnen Bandolier, at $8,500 to Steve Wilson, Tennessee

Lot 83: Mohnen Blackbird 2762, sired by SG Salvation, at $8,500 to DBL Livestock, Fullerton, Nebraska

Lot 105A: Mohnen Blackbird 2762, sired by SG Salvation, at $8,000 to Brad Johnson, Shawano, Wisconsin

Top Bred Heifer:

Lot 43: Mohnen Zara 1181, sired by GAR Reliant, at $ 10,500 to Curt and Matt Gillen, White Lake, South Dakota. She is due 3/3/23 to Sitz Stellar 721H.

Top Open Cows:

Lot 48: Mohnen Madam Pride 3189, sired by Connealy Confidence Plus, at $20,000 to Justin Crouch, Glenwood, Iowa

Lot 1: Mohnen Coquette 1126, sired by SAV Resource 1441, at $10,000 to Adam Oldemeyer, Ayr, Nebraska

Top Bred Cows:

Lot 56: Mohnen Madame Pride 528, sired by SAV Resource 1441, at $16,000 to Mark McElhinney, Morning Sun, Iowa. She is due 2/12/23 to Mohnen General 548.

Lot 105: Mohnen Young Lucy 1009, sired by Mohnen Success 187, at $10,000, to Bud Koupal, Dante, South Dakota. She is due 1/16/23 to Kraye Big Country.

Dan Davenport, Wagner, South Dakota, with Dean Christensen, Fullerton, Nebraska. Dean Christensen from DBL, Inc., bought the Lot 83 open heifer at $8,500.
Curt Gillen, White Lake, South Dakota, added several top Angus females for his genetic program. Curt’s commercial Angus steers weighed 1000 pounds last December. Curt took home the top bred heifer at $10,500.

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