Neiman Cattle Co. Annual Bull Sale |

Neiman Cattle Co. Annual Bull Sale

Dave Shippy shops for new bulls.

February 18, 2016

Belle Fourche Livestock, Belle Fourche, SD

Auctioneer: Lynn Weishaar

TSLN Rep: Rowdy Benson

58 Angus 2-year-old bulls averaged: $4,771

It was another good day in Belle Fourche for the Neiman Cattle Co. Annual Bull Sale. These aged bulls came off a program that stresses making money. The longevity of the cowherd they came out of flows through the genetics of the offering. These bulls are developed to last with no fat, no fluff, and just honest bulls, ready to work. I think they’ll do just that. If you are looking for hardy, efficient, genetics that can survive on some hard grass, this is your sale. Here is the cream off the top:

Lot 33, NCC Open Range 401, rang the buzzer at $8,500 heading to Gillette, WY with James Hall. Sired by Sinclair Open Range 2Q23 this bull posted EPDs of BW -1.9, WW 35, YW 60, and Milk 18. He was 76lbs on 3/2/14 at birth and 652lbs on the Adj. WW.

Lot 1, NCC Full Bore 405, sold for $8,000 to Neal McCoy of Belle Fourche, SD. This Cole Creek Full Bore 730 son recorded EPDs of BW 0.6, WW 42, YW 75, and Milk 21. He was 92lbs at birth on 3/8/14 and 704lbs on his Adj. WW.

Also selling for $8,000 was Lot 3, NCC Full Bore 4269, to the Livingston Ranch of Sundance, WY. Sired by Cole Creek Full Bore 730 this bull was 80lbs on 5/5/14 at birth and 701lbs on his Adj. 205. He records EPDs of BW 0.6, WW 48, YW 90, and Milk 26.

Lot 8, NCC Full Bore 4301, also sold for $8,000 to Minnesela Cattle Co. of Belle Fourche, SD. Another son of Cole Creek Full Bore 730 that posts EPDs of BW 2.1, WW 42, YW 79, and Milk 22. He was born 4/10/14 at 83lbs and was 641lbs on his Adj. 205.

4 more bulls sold at $7,750.