Nelson Livestock Company Annual Bull Sale

Opening comments at the Nelson sale.

TSLN Rep: Dixon Scott

Date of Sale: April 9, 2018

Location: At The Ranch, Wibaux, Montana

Auctioneer: Ty Thompson


66 Yearling Simmental and SimAngus Bulls – $4,329

Lot 1 $26,000 to All-Beef, Normal, IL & Wildberry Farms, Hanover, IL; NLC 82E, Homo Black, Homo Polled, Purebred; 3/15/17; NLC Progressive 40C x LBR Right Focus W271. at Adj. 89 pounds At Birth. His EPDs include BW 1.3, WW 71.7, YW 108.8, and Milk 26

Lot 3 $9,000 to Campbell Simmentals, Ignacio, CO; NLC 1E, Homo Black, Homo Polled, Purebred; 1/28/17; NLC Break Free 72W x BF M218 Snake Eyes.with an Adj. BW of 78 pounds with a booming WW ratio of 100. He recorded EPDs of BW -0.7, WW 59.1, YW 94.1, and Milk 25.1.

Lot 32 $9,000 to Begger’s Diamond V Ranch, Wibaux, MT; NLC 98E, Homo Black, Homo Polled, 1/2 Blood; 3/23/17; LRS Rangeboss 901Z x LRS Crossroads 875Y.with an Adj. BW of 90 pounds with a booming WW ratio of 113. He recorded EPDs of BW 1.2, WW 80, YW 126.9, and Milk 20.7.

Lot 8 $8,750 to Kirk Lynch, New Hampton, IA; NLC 17E, Hetero Black, Homo Polled, Purebred; 2/11/17; Hook’s Beacon 56B x BDV Summits Peak 71A.with an Adj. BW of 86 pounds with Bw. He recorded EPDs of BW -1.2, WW 64, YW 93.5, and Milk 25.6.

Lot 22 $6,750 to Larry Sengland, Wolf Point, MT; NLC 61E, Red Polled 5/8 Blood; HSF Conquest 41X 29Z x WBF Stetson X70.with and Adj. BW 88 pounds and was well over 100 on both WW and YW ratios. His EPDs include BW -0.2, WW 74.5, YW 111.9, and Milk 22.7.

Lot 16 $6,750 to Aufforth Northern Plains Simmental, Bowbells, ND; NLC 118E, Homo Black, Homo Polled, 3/4 Blood; 3/29/17; NLC Cowboss 160C x JBARJ 118Y.with and Adj. BW 86 pounds and His EPDs include BW -0.9, WW 61.2, YW 93, and Milk 21.5.