Nelson Livestock Company Annual Bull Sale |

Nelson Livestock Company Annual Bull Sale

Chris Miller of Spearfish, S.D., got on the high bull buyer chart.

Date: April 16, 2016

Location: at the Ranch, Wibaux, MT

Auctioneer: Ty Thompson

TSLN Rep: Rowdy Benson


80 yearling bulls – $4,620

There was a warm welcome for the cold and wet weather at the ranch of Nelson Livestock Company near Wibaux, Montana. The Nelsons have been in the business for 42 years and the confidence in their herd proves they know what they’re doing. They do a fine job of raising Simmental and SimmAngus cattle that can hold up in any environmental challenges Mother Nature throws at them. Surviving the weather on a day like this isn’t enough to make a good bull. That’s why by using good data and a keen eye the Nelsons only offer a set of bulls that will be able to walk and breed. This rugged cross grows bulls that naturally pack as much muscle and depth as anything with black or red hides. They really do fit the description that their performance is bred on, not fed on. Hats off to the Nelson clan on a successful day, and here is the very best:

Lot 1, 40C, rang the bell at $17,000 heading to Leeds, N.D., with Kenner Simmental Ranch. He’s a Homo Black and Polled son of CCR Pathway 9354Y that was born Mar. 18, 2015 at Adj. 93 pounds and had WW and YW ratios over 110. His EPDs include BW 1.4, WW 74.1, YW 109.3, and Milk 19.2.

Bielenburg Simmental of Ames, Iowa, answered right back paying $17,000 for Lot 10, 175C. This 1/4 Angus and 3/4 Simmental bull was born Mar. 23, 2015 with an Adj. BW of 86 pounds with a booming WW ratio of 120. He recorded EPDs of BW -0.3, WW 78, YW 111.2, and Milk 16.1.

Keving and Maria Braun of Baker, Mont. purchased $11,000 for Lot 2, 85C a son of NLC Break Free 72W. He is a purebred Simmental with EPDs of BW 0.1, WW 71.5, YW 114, and Milk 21.4. His Adj. BW was 87 pounds on Mar 28, 2015 and has ratios of 116 in both WW and YW.

Lot 26, 95C, sold for $9,500 to Lehman Farms of Brandon, Iowa. This red son of TRAXS Rushmore X103 was born 3/30/15 with and Adj. BW 83 pounds and was well over 100 on both WW and YW ratios. His EPDs include BW -0.7, WW 73.6, YW 106.2, and Milk 17.8.

Chris Miller of Spearfish, South Dakota, got what he came for in Lot 36, 99C, for $8,750. He was born March 31, 2015, with an 85 pounds Adj. BW and WW and YW ratios over 115. He is a LRS Range Boss 901Z son with EPDs of BW 0, WW 80.5, YW 128.7, and Milk 19.6.

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