NILE Gold Buckle Select Horse Sales |

NILE Gold Buckle Select Horse Sales

Date: Oct. 16-17

Location: Rimrock Auto Arena, Billings


Weanlings – $1,106.58

Yearlings – $1,821.66

Performance horses – $6,005.68

Weanlings and yearlings were sold Friday and horses older than a year were sold Saturday. Both sales had Lynn Weishaar as the auctioneer by and pedigrees read by John Johnson.

A total of 154 horses trotted through the sale ring over the two days. 37 horses sold Friday and 66 sold Saturday, the remainder were ‘no sales’ where the seller kept the horse.

Fillies averaged at $1,268.91 and colts averaged at $1,566.13

In the performance horses, the mares that sold averaged at $3,845 and the geldings came to an average of $6,786.36

The border collie dog consigned by Prairie Elk Colony in Wolf Point, Montana, that sold Saturday went to Harvey Kountz for $1,850.

The horses that went through the sale ring are now eligible for the 2016 NILE futurities.

The high selling weanlings, lot 640 and 644, each brought $2,600.

Lot 640 True French Sweetie sold by Gary and Deb Mailloux of Vale, South Dakota, bought by Kempetitive Edge Performance Horses

and Lot 644 Whiskey N Gunfire sold by Fink Quarter Horses of Hysham, Montana, bought by John or Shelly Noe

Lot 680, Trouble With Guns, was the high selling yearling at $4,100.

The young horse by A+ Quarter Horses of Deer Lodge, Montana, was bought by Mark Gatrell

Valued at $13,000, lot 821 was the high selling performance horse.

Tom Colgan bought Red Flick Bar sold by Mathew Wznick of Powderville, Montana.

–the NILE