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Opp Angus 47th Annual Performance Sale

Date of Sale: April 28, 2021


Location: Stockmen’s West-Dickinson, North Dakota

Auctioneer: Lynn Weishaar


79 Bulls – $3,801

50 Heifers – $1,360

Opp Angus hosted their 47th Annual Performance Sale at Stockmen’s West in Dickinson, North Dakota on April 28, 2021. A powerful set of bulls and fancy open heifers were offered to the buyers in the seats and an excellent meal was served. Congratulations on a great sale!

Lot 56 at $9,000, OPP TEBOW 089, 2/17/20, SITZ TEBOW 12754 x OPP PRIDE LADY E16, Sold to Kevin R. Sailer, Dodge, North Dakota.

Lot 1 at $7,000, OPP 316 CAPITALIST 010, 2/9/20, LD CAPITALIST 316 x PRIDE LADY F113, Sold to Brooks Chalky Butte Ranch, Bowman, North Dakota.

Lot 16 at $7,000, OPP PLAYBOOK 083, 3/7/20, TEX PLAYBOOK S437 x OPP PRIDES EILEENMERE D46, Sold to Wilmer Zimmerman, New Leipzig, North Dakota.

Lot 9 at $7,000, OPP 316 CAPITALIST 018, 3/8/20, LD CAPITALIST 316 x OPP BLACKBIRD D318, Sold to Don Schmeling, Dickinson, North Dakota.

4 bulls were sold at $6,500

Auctioneer Lynn Weishaar and Joel Opp.

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