Parry Angus 24th Annual “Lotta Bull Sale” |

Parry Angus 24th Annual “Lotta Bull Sale”

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick, Jake St.Amant

Date of Sale: March 14, 2022

Location: Sterling, CO

Auctioneer: Kyle Schow


52 Yrlg. Bulls Avg.$4,836

10 Open Heifers Avg. $2,205

62 Total Head Avg. $4,412

8 Sim-Angus Bulls Avg $ 4,438

2 Sim-Angus Heifers Avg.$2,000

Top Bulls:

The Parry Angus Ranch 24th Annual ” Lotta Bull Sale” had great weather for sale day and with a very good crowd that gathered. The bulls and females for the sale had lots of quality that kept people looking till sale time.

Lot 3 PAR Emerald- 1P07 Sold For $8,500 to Cedar Top Angus – Stapleton, NE

Lot 16 PAR Treasure- 1P12 Sold for $8,000 to Brent Thomason – Cope,CO

Lot 6 PAR Emerald- 1P75 Sold for $7,500 to Jim Cecil – Cope, CO

Lot 1 PAR Playbook-1P63 Sold for $6,750.00 to Frank Cattle Company – Chappell, NE

Lot 23 PAR Treasure -1P22 Sold for $6,750.00 to Matt Claus – Ft. Morgan, CO

Ryan Parry visits about the bulls sale morning.
Parry bulls on display.
Steve and Ryan Parry makes opening comments as the sale gets underway.


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