Pass Creek Angus Ranch ‘Headin For the Pass’ 47th Annual Bull Production Sale |

Pass Creek Angus Ranch ‘Headin For the Pass’ 47th Annual Bull Production Sale


TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: April 14, 2021


Location: At the Ranch-Wyola, Montana

Auctioneer: Rowdy Benson


26 Fall Angus Bulls – $3,808

40 Yearling Angus Bulls – $3,125

66 Total Bulls – $3,273

15 Yearling Heifers – $1,200


Cool and breezy spring weather was on hand for the 47th Annual Pass Creek Angus Ranch ‘Headin For the Pass’ Production Sale held Wednesday April 14, 2021 at the Ranch near Wyola, Montana. The Rathkamp family has a long history of raising Angus cattle designed to go out and work for the commercial rancher in any environment and providing great customer service. Congratulations on a great sale!

Lot 2 at $6,000, PASS CREEK D177 3101E 9234, DOB 8/26/19, #1977143, VERMILION SPUR D177 x PASS CREEK MIF 1375, Sold to Brewton Baley, Recluse, Wyoming.

Lot 1 at $5,500, PASS CREEK 709 6273 9281, DOB 8/20/19, #19755214, MR JT ENHANCE 709 x MS PASS CREEK 461, Sold to Steve Thoeny, Rosebud, Montana.

Lot 26 at $5,500, PASS CREEK 6231 7271 9304, DOB 8/22/19, #19755223, B/R PAYWEIGHT 1682-6231 x MS PASS CREEK 25 5181, Sold to Elhard Cattle Company, Crow Agency, Montana.

Lot 10 at $5,000, PASS CREEK D177 5174 9256, DOB 8/30/19, #19755202, VERMILION SPUR D177 x MS PASS CREEK 2488, Sold to Stephen Yellowtail, Wyola, Montana.

A nice meal was served prior to the start of the sale.

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