Pearls of the Prairie Angus Female Sale |

Pearls of the Prairie Angus Female Sale

Alan, Charlotte, Chase and Faith Heim spent family time adding a couple females to their Angus herd North of Bismarck, North Dakota, at Pearls of the Prairie.

Date: Nov. 15, 2015

Location: Kist Livestock Auction, Mandan, N.D.

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar

Reported by: Ross Glass for TSLN


14 Heifer calves – $4,161

23 Bred heifers – $3,668

6 Bred cows – $3,583

1 Cow/calf pair – $8,000

Pearls of the Prairie Angus Female Sale was held on a beautiful 60 degree day, Nov. 15, 2015 at KIST Livestock Auction in Mandan, North Dakota. A good crowd gathered ring side as 3 progressive Angus Programs – Anderson Angus Ranch – Chaffee, North Dakota, Hoffmann Angus Farms – Wheatland, North Dakota, and Nelson Angus – Egeland, North Dakota, brought a select group of show heifer prospects, fancy bred heifers along with proven cows through the ring.

Topping the heifer calves was Lot 23 with a bid of $8,500 to Randy Nelson at Ansley, Nebraska. This Nelsons Queen Mother C543 is an outstanding daughter of the performance leading sire RB Active Duty 010. She was born Feb. 18, 2015.

Randy Nelson also took home Lot 24 Nelsons Queen Mother C544 for $7,250 a daughter of Pass Total Impact 745. This tremendous heifer prospect was born Feb. 19, 2015.

The Swindon Ranch of Alexander, Manitoba, purchased the top selling bred heifer for $7,000. Lot 32, Nelsons Opal B420{DDP}, born Feb. 13, 2015 is a daughter of Nelsons SR Bis – Man Y110. This female offering volume and eye appeal was AI sired to AAR Ten X and pasture exposed to Nelsons bounty B428.

Topping the cows was Lot 35 going to Ryan Ressler of Cooperstown, North Dakota, for $5,500. Lot 35, Nelsons Blackberry Y102 is a daughter of SA Bismarck 5682{RDF}. She is a 2011 model.

The Hoffman Angus Farms brought the only cow/calf pair to the sale with the high bid having the option of taking one or both. Bill Weller of Kadoka, South Dakota chose Lot 6 B H Ellnora 820{DDF} a very productive Connealy Thunder daughter bred April 22, 2015 to RB Tour of Duty and the right to retain a flush of 6 embryos. The calf, Lot 6A, then sold for $2,750 to K& F and L& L of Langdon, North Dakota, a Deer Valley All In daughter born Feb. 1, 2015

Once again a quality set of Angus Females was put together by the Hoffman, Nelson and Anderson Families at the Pearl on the Prairie Sale.