Peterson Grain & Cattle Bull Sale

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: 03/23/2022

Location: PGC Sale Facility North of Havre, Montana

Auctioneer: Kyle Shobe


56 Yearling Bulls Averaged $4,160

9 Registered Open Heifers Averaged $2,244

Very nice weather on hand for the Peterson Grain & Cattle Bull Sale March 23, 2022 north of Havre, Montana. The Peterson family offered a uniform and powerful set of yearling Angus bulls to the buyers in the seats, every bull backed with a guarantee and volume buying discount. Petersons have a well-known reputation for being hard working, honest, and treating their customers with respect. Congratulations on a great sale!


Lot 14 at $11,750, PGC BLUEPRINT 119, DOB 2/15/21, WOODHILL BLUEPRINT x WW DEFINITIVE 9097, Sold to 3c Cattle Stevensville, Montana

Lot 4 at $10,500, PGC TRUE NORTH 1065, DOB 2/15/21, SQUARE B TRUE NORTH 8052 x SITZ UPSIDE 547W, Sold to Math Farms-Whitewater, Montana

Lot 8 at $10,000, PGC TRUE NORTH 1057, DOB 2/15/21, SQUARE B TRUE NORTH 8052 x SITZ UPSIDE 547W, Sold to Tandy Ranch-Scobey, Montana

Lot 6 at $8,000, PGC STELLAR 1070, DOB 2/16/21, SITZ STELLAR 726D x VDAR REALLY WINDY 4097, Sold to Pace Acres-Havre, Montana

Top Open Heifer

Lot 90 at $3500, PGC NEW DESIGN 1004, DOB 2/3/21, SITZ STELLAR 726D x CONNEALY CAPITALIST 028, Sold to Kyle Konesky-Chinook, Montana

Jeff Hould visiting before the sale.
David Sattoriva and Marvin Cross
Andee peterson visiting with customers.

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