Pine Coulee Bulls, LLC Bull Sale |

Pine Coulee Bulls, LLC Bull Sale

Morgan Kirch and Robert Kirch

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: March 9, 2020

Location: Wagon Box Ranch, Hardin,MT

Auctioneer: Ty Thompson:


155 Angus Bulls at $4,774

The John Carrel and Jim Stampfel families had a great day for the Pine Coulee Angus Bull Sale.

Lot 135, at $18,000, Pine Coulee Stunner, G372, Dob 1-7-2019, Reg 19651208 Musgrave 316 Stunner, sold to Koupal Angus Dante, SD.

Lot 133, at $15,000, Pine Coulee resource G708, Dob 1-19-2019, Reg 19603498 SAV Resource 1441, sold to Thousand Hills Angus Toston, MT.

Lot 2 at $11,000, Pine Coulee Bravo G330, Dob, 1-4-2019, Reg 19634888 Coleman Bravo 6313, sold to Cross W Cattle, Ekalaka, MT.

Lot 8 at $11,000, Pine Coulee Bravo G390, Dob 1-15-2020, Reg 19634876, Coleman Bravo 6313, Prairie Diamond Ranch, Hebron, ND.

Lot 1 at $10,500 Pine Coulee Bravo G373, Dob 1-7-2019, Reg 19634887, Coleman Bravo 6313, sold to $10,500 Cross W Cattle Company, Ekalaka, MT.

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