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Powder River Angus 27th Annual Bull Sale


TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date: Feb. 19, 2021

Location: Buffalo Livestock Auction-Buffalo, Wyoming

Auctioneer: Mark McNamee


100 Angus Bulls – $4,633


Neal and Amanda Sorenson, along with family, held the 27th Annual Powder River Angus Bull Sale February 19, 2021 at Buffalo Livestock Auction-Buffalo, Wyoming. Powder River Angus focuses on raising cattle that are fertile, quiet, and made last. Congratulations on a great sale!

Lot 5 at $13,500, PRA POWERBALL 0109, DOB 3/2/20, #19895008, RAVEN POWERBALL 5A x PRA HERO X 378, Sold to Martin Palzkill, Mineral Point, WI.

Lot 23 at $13,000, PRA JET BLACK 0185, DOB 3/6/20, #19895031, BAR R JET BLACK 5063 x PRA DYNAMITE 6595 2128, Sold to Avury Gram Ranch, Rozett, Wyoming.

Lot 6 at $12,500, PRA JET BLACK 0268, DOB 3/9/20, #19895060, BAR R JET BLACK 5063 x PRA 7 WINDY JUNEAU 572, Sold to Rod and Trish Vinyard, Chugwater, Wyoming.

Lot 14 at $11,500, PRA BOULDER 023, DOB 2/15/20, #19904028, KCF BENNETT BOULDER x PRA ETHELDA APOLLO 8172, Sold to E.B. Ranch, Broadus, Montana.

Lot 18 at $11,500, PRA JET BLACK 0170, DOB 3/5/20, #19895028, BAR R JET BLACK 5063 x PRA ETHELDA ALLIANCE 5345, Sold to Amy Miller, Wheatland, Wyoming.

Ward and Darcy Patten, repeat customers from Broadus, Montana.
E.B. Ranch- Broadus, Montana, bought several bulls throughout the day.

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