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R Lazy B Ranch Annual Production Sale

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Feb. 18, 2022

Location: Hub City Livestock, Aberdeen, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar


68 Bulls – $6,485

R Lazy B Charolais brought a powerful set of bulls to town to offer many new and repeat customers.

Lot 288 at $14,000, RLB TOP GAINER 288J, Dob 1-4-2021, Reg EM960429, RCR MAC 9F x SCR MISS Blue Value 1003, sold to Tyler and Blake Stieglmeier, Britton, South Dakota.

Lot 202 at $12,500, RLB OPEN RAMGE 202J, Dob 3-23-2021, RegM960431, WDZ Front Range x RLB MS Master 2027, sold to Mark Rau Napoleon, North Dakota.

Lot 111 at $12,000, RLB SIR FLAME 111J, Dob 3-21-2021 Reg M960419, RLB Fargo Flame 436E x RLB Miss McCoy 111Y, sold to Fred Hoffman, Long Lake, South Dakota.

Lot 550 at $12,000, RLB BIG GUN 550J, Dob 3-27-2021, Reg M960461, HTA Centerfire 618D x RLB MS Connie 550C, sold to Blake and Tyler Stieglmeier.

Lot 668 at $11,500, RLB LONG TRAIL 668J, Dob 3-21-2021, Reg M960474, LT Journey 7657 x RLB MS Sybil 668D, sold to Mike Mettler Eureka, South Dakota

Rory and Nathan Troske.
Joy and Orville Dykema.


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