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Rafter T Angus Annual Production Sale

Date: Jan. 13, 2018

TSLN Reps: Dixon Scott, Dennis Ginkens

Location, Buffalo, Wyoming

Auctioneer, Mark McNamee


40 yearling bulls at $4,536

Bright skies and warm January temperatures set the stage for the Rafter T Angus bull sale on Jan. 13, where it was beginning to look a lot like spring. The snow was slowly melting in the parking lot. The Kretschmans and their crew welcomed buyers.

Warm hospitality and breed-leading Angus cattle made for a great day in production agriculture, as cattlemen and women turned out from across the nation to select genetics from the Rafter T program, which is based on cattle with foraging ability, structural soundness and fertility.

Topping the sale was lot 4 at $8,000 a son of HF Tiger 5T with a birth weight of 80 pounds.

Lot 18 sold to John Melgarrd of Gillette, Wyoming, for $7,500 a son of RTA Captain Morgan 40.

Lot 5 sold to Jan Evans of Weston, Wyoming, for $7,000 he was a son of HF Thunderbird 146y.

John Melgaard also purchase Lot 3 for $7,250.

Lot 6 sold to Mike Fuller of Gillette for $7,250 a son of RTA captain Morgan 40.

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