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Ranchers Choice 15th Annual Bull Sale

Myron Peterson and Chancy Groves

Date: March 1, 2016

Location: Gordon Livestock Market, Gordon Neb.

Auctioneer: Dace Harper

Reported by: Tanner Hewitt


Two Year Olds – $6,063

Yearlings – $3,980

There was a respectable sized crowd gathered around the bull pens Tuesday at the Gordon Livestock sale barn.

Don and Mary Vannatta (S&V Livestock) brought 52 classy virgin yearling bulls to town that were sons of bulls such as; HA Thick 1670, GDAR CJD Justice 1717, HA Top Flight 2314, BA Ten X 0304, and more. The yearlings also make their own way on a basic ration in an effort to bring only the strongest growing traits to market. The top selling bull was right out the gate with Lot #14 bringing $7,500. Lot #14’s Sire was HA Top Flight 2314 and the Dam SV Rachel 1088. EPD’s were; BW +1.6, WW+ 67, YW +110, Milk +28. This was a bull with lots of eye appeal, deep rib, and nice top line.

Another stand out bull was Lot #21, SV Outside 5000. Selling for $6,500, this bull had a BW EPD of -2.0 and WW of +65. One of the best performance bulls offered was Lot #26, SV Ten X 5112. His EPD’s were; BW +1.0, WW +71, YW +120, Milk +20. This calf weaned off the cow at 829 pounds! He sold for $4,000.

Matt and Mindy Peters (Spitoon Ranch Inc.) brought 12 Two Year Old bulls to town and what great shape they were in! These were bulls that had made their own way on a modest ration of hay. These bulls looked great and sold very well also. The high selling two year old was Lot #1 going for $10,000 to John Lawain. Lot #1 (Spitoon Justice 452) was a big strapping scamp with outstanding EPD’s and performance numbers; BW +1.5, WW +53, YW +103, and Milk of +29. Weaning at 692 pounds with a yearling weight of 1206 pounds, this calf really converted feed in an efficient manner! Sale average on the Two Year Olds was $6,063.

High volume buyers were Chancy Groves of Ashby, Nebraska, and Myron Peterson also of Nebraska, taking home 4 bulls apiece.

The sale average on the yearling bulls was $3,980, and total sale average $4,371. All bulls sold with a 90 day breeding season guarantee and would be kept free of charge until April 1. Both the Peters’ and Vannatta’s put on a great sale that was fast paced and upbeat with a quality product that will help your herd produce pounds of beef at the end of the day.