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Raven Angus “60 Years 1955-2015” Annual Bull Sale

Chris Hanson

Date: Feb. 26, 2015

Location: at the ranch, east of Colome, S.D.

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar

Reported by: Dan Piroutek, Scott Dirk, and Susan Cable


158 ylg Angus Bulls ave. $7,830

45 two-yr-old Angus Bulls

ave. $6,877

74 open commercial yrlg heifers

ave. $2,250

One pick of the Raven registered heifers – $26,000

Raven Angus, owned by the Petersek family, hosted an absolute sell-out crowd that packed their new sale barn. This year they added 70 head of bulls to their sale, but the average was still higher, to make this the best sale ever for this three generation family.

It was a very cold day, but it did not cool the enthusiasm of this huge crowd. This sale also included a good selection of high quality two-year-old bulls. It has been very gratifying to watch the progress of this herd. You will continue to hear more exciting news from this firm as these young men build this good herd of Angus cattle.

Top selling bull of the day was Lot 7, Raven Ten X 604, selling for $20,000 to Joseph Angus, Valentine, Nebr. This son of AAR TenX 7008 SA was out of a daughter of BC Matrix 4132 who had ratioed 116 on three calves. His EPDs were CED 5, BW 1.6, WW 69, YW 119, MILK 27, MARB 0.79, RE 0.56, an $B 122.31. Born at 79 pounds, he weaned at 881 pounds and reached a yearling weight of 1510 pounds. With a 39.7 cm. scrotal measurement, he had a 203 cm. pelvic area.

Another bull attracting the eyes of many was Lot 147, Raven Incentive 2714. At $ 19,000, Todd Novotny, Winner, South Dakota, was the winner of this son of SS Incentive 9J17. He was out of the donor cow, Sitz Henrietta Pride 657T and posted an 82 pound birth weight. He weaned at 780 pounds and attained a yearling weight of 1412 pounds. To complete the package, his EPDs were CED 8, BW 1.8, WW 57, YW 109, MILK 30 and $B 101.08.

Lot 19 sold for $ 18,500 to Greg Sargent, Winner, South Dakota He was a son of AAR Ten X 7008 and out of a daughter of LeMar Windy 434S who had ratioed 110 on three calves. He had EPDs of BW 2.4, WW 60, YW 110, MILK 23, RE 0.68, MARB 0.74, and $B 125.14. Born at 79 pounds, he weaned at 824 pounds and had a yearling weight of 1448 pounds.

The good firm of Edgar Brothers, Rockham, South Dakota, bought Lot 9 at $ 17,500.This son of Ten X was out of a two year old heifer by PA Power Tool. He was 71 pounds at birth, weaned at 734 pounds and grew to a yearling weight of 1299 pounds. His rib eye was 15.5 sq. in. and his IMF ratio was 114. His EPDs included CED 7, BW 1.6, WW 59, YW 109, MILK 30, MARB 1.26, RE 0.73, and $B a great score of 127.08.

Howard Schmidt, Valentine, Nebr., chose Lot 37 at $ 15,500. He was by PA Power Tool and out of a daughter of SAV Pioneer 7301. With an 85 pound birth weight, he weaned at 849 pounds and reached a yearling weight of 1495 pounds.

Lot 6 sold to Dale Krumpus, Colome, South Dakota, for $ 15,500. He was by Ten X and out of a Density dam.

Lot 53 sold for $ 15,000 to Brett Gumb, Burwell, Nebr. He was a Connealy Gold Rush X Hoover Dam.

Lot 153 sold for $ 15,000 to Todd Novotny, Winner, South Dakota, a bull sired by Sydgen Big Medicine.

The pick of the heifer calves sold to the Simon Cattle Co., Farley, Iowa, for $ 26,000. This is a pick of their entire spring 2014 calf crop. Simon Cattle Co. will choose their top five prospects, and then, if the buyer wishes, Raven will submit 50K genomic tests on those five. Once the results are in, Simon Cattle Co., can make their top selection and take that heifer home. F