Red Rock Cattle Company Black Angus Bull Sale |

Red Rock Cattle Company Black Angus Bull Sale

Beau Ravellette, Kim Heitzman, and Seth Heitzman with Auctioneer Seth Weishaar.

Date: Apr. 18, 20116

Location: Faith Livestock Commission Co.

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar

Reported by: Dan Piroutek


39 Two-yr-old and yearling Angus virgin bulls – $3,309

Red Rock Cattle Company from Spencer, South Dakota, brought a big, strong set of mostly two-year-old bulls to Faith Livestock. Red Rock is owned by Cal and Kim Heitzman, and they have been in business for over 40 years Their ranch is east and south of Mitchell, South Dakota.

They believe in producing functional cattle that will work for the commercial cattleman. The bulls in the offering were out of sires that rank in the top of the breed for $Beef Values. These bulls were full of muscle.

This was the second year that the Heitzmans have brought bulls to Faith, and many repeat buyers were back this year to buy bulls, despite a very rainy day in Faith.

Top selling bull of the day was Lot 30, selling for $5,250 to Bill Holt from Ralph, South Dakota. He was RRCC Long Distance 4151, a big, stout two-year old virgin bull, sired by Mohnen Long Distance 1639, and out of a daughter of RRCC Rocky CC&7. His EPDs were CED 9.8, BW -2.9, WW 60, YW 99, SC 0.85, RE 0.50, and MARB 0.37. Born at 72 pounds, he weaned at 788 pounds, and yielded a yearling weight of 1,355 pounds. This big, long, deep-sided bull was filled with quality and measured a 40 cm. scrotal.

Kenny Birkeland from Dupree, South Dakota, chose Lot 1 at $5,000. This two-year-old son of Mogck Sure Shot 100 was a commercial bull out of a purebred Angus cow. Entering the world at 82 pounds, he weaned at 808 pounds, and posted a yearling weight of 1,320 pounds. This has to be a good bull, as Kenny has as good of an eye for cattle as there is.

Bill Holt also bought Lot 27 at $4,500. This two-year-old virgin bull was a son of Mogck Sure Shot 100 and out of a purebred Angus dam. With a birth weight of 84 pounds, he weaned at 714 pounds. His yearling weight was 1,210 pounds, and his scrotal measurement was 44 cm. His Zoetis 50K EPDs included CED 11, BW -1.2, WW 55, YW 80, MILK 22, and RE 0.29.

The Lot 25 two-year-old virgin sold for $4,250 to Kenny Birkeland. He was RRCC Destination 4176, a son of Sydgen Destination 2056, and out of a daughter of ONeills Forever. Entering the world at 87 pounds, he weaned at 780 pounds, and reached a yearling weight of 1,370 pounds. He had EPDs of CED 5, BW 0.6, WW 64, YW 110, MILK 28, and RE 0.51.

Dick Schrempp from Eagle Butte, South Dakota, topped his purchases with Lot 33, a two-year-old, at $4,000. This son of RRCC Traveler 124-1107 was out of a daughter of ISU Imaging Q9111. He had a 95 pound birth weight, a weaning weight of 784 pounds, and a yearling weight of 1,310 pounds.