Redland Red Angus and Gelbvieh ‘Better Bred Red’ Annual Production Sale |

Redland Red Angus and Gelbvieh ‘Better Bred Red’ Annual Production Sale

TSLN Rep: Jade Harper

Date of Sale: March 5, 2022

Location: Redland Red Angus Ranch-Hysham, Montana

Auctioneer: Kyle Shobe


62 Yearling Bulls – $4,250

4 Open Registered Red Angus Heifers – $2,975

48 Commercial Open Red Angus Heifers – $1,483

Redland Red Angus and Gelbvieh hosted the Annual ‘Better Bred Red’ Annual Production Sale March 5, 2022 at the Ranch near Hysham, Montana. Redland Red Angus is a family run operation that offers quality Red Angus Cattle that are backed with a guarantee. Congratulations on a great sale!

Lot 1 at $15,000, RED REAL WORLD 137, DOB 1/27/21, BROWN JYJ REDEMPTION Y1334 x SCHULER ENDURANCE 2101Z, Sold to Wendell Bailey, Louisville, Kentucky

Lot 8 at $10,000, RED RELENTESS 1089, DOB 2/12/21, STRA RELENTLESS x GMRA SECRET MISSION 8258, Sold to Klompien Red Angus, Manhattan, Montana

Lot 2 at $8,250, RED STATEMENT 124, DOB 1/25/21, PELTON STATEMENT 225W x RED BLAST OFF 8534, Sold to Steve Troutman, Enderlin, North Dakota

Lot 3 at $8,000, RED MERLIN 1144, DOB 2/16/21, WFL MERLIN 018A x HXC CONQUEST 4405P, Sold to Green Leaf Land & Livestock, Colstrip, Montana

Lot 5 at $7,500, RED SPARTACUS 182, DOB 2/1/21, BIEBER SPARTACUS A193 x FRITZ JUSTICE 434A, Sold to 3 C Cattle, Stevensville, Montana

Top Selling Registered Open Heifers:

Lot 81 at $3,750, RED EVE 1040, DOB 2/8/21, LSF SRR EXCEPTIONAL 5464C x BIEBER MAKIN HAY 9913, Sold to Gibbs Red Angus, Jordan, Montana

Lot 82 at $3,500, RED LINDA 1171, DOB 2/20/21, PELTON WIDELOAD 78B x RED VALERIE 1110, Sold to Laubach Red Angus, Big Timber, Montana

Shirley and Bob Redland, auctioneer Kyle Shobe.

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