Redland Red Angus Bull Sale |

Redland Red Angus Bull Sale

Bob and Frances Dellit, Broken Chain Ranch, Sumatra, MT repeat Redland bull buyers.

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk

Date of Sale: March 7, 2020

Location: Sale held at the ranch, Hysham, MT

Auctioneer: Kyle Shobe


76 Yearling Bulls – $4,362

Redland Red Angus was finally blessed with fantastic weather for their annual “Better Bred Red” sale. Last year the temperature was a very brisk sub zero and windy. Their 2020 sale had was balmy 65 and sunny, with no wind. The sale cattle really shined in the sun and were very well accepted by the large crowd on hand.

Top selling bull on the day was lot 9, RED Express 9086, a 2/19 son of HRR Express 5161, epds CED 10 BW -0.3 WW 67 YW 99 Milk 22 selling to Broken Chain Ranch, Sumatra, MT at $9,000.

Lot 4, RED Stetson 982, a 2/19 son of GMRA Stetson 2240, epds CED 12 BW -0.1 WW 69 YW 114 Milk 28 to Broken Chain Ranch, Sumatra, MT.

Lot 37, RED Merlin 962, a 2/19 son of WFL Merlin 018A, epds CED 13 BW -1.5 WW 72 YW 116 Milk 28 sold to Klompien Red Angus, Manhattan, MT for $7,500.

Lot 3, RED Exceptional 907, a 1/19 son of LSF SRR Exceptional 5464C, epds CED 16 BW -3.9 WW 54 YW 82 Milk 24 to Rapid Creek Ranch, Belvedere, SD and Gordon, ND for $7,000.

Lot 6, RED Wide Load 942, a 2/19 son of Pelton Wide Load 78B, epds CED 15 BW -4.7 WW 52 YW 82 Milk 25 sold to Steve Trautman, Enderlin, ND for $7,000.