Reich Ranch 65th Annual Charolais Bull Sale

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk

Date of Sale: 04/12/2021

Location: Belle Fouche Livestock, Belle Fourche, SD

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar


58 Yearling Charolais bulls avg. $3,774

Reich Ranch Charolais held their milestone 65th Annual Charolais bull sale on Apr. 14 at Belle Fourche Livestock. With much of the area to the west and north shut down due to a major winter storm still going, the crowd was smaller than usual, but the bulls were very well accepted by the crowd on hand and represented online. Tim and Ree Reich have dedicated themselves to producing growthy Charolais bulls that have plenty of power and calving ease.

If you were not able to make it this year, remember next year that a trip to Belle Fourche for Ree’s homemade donuts is well worth it.

Top selling bulls:

Lot 69, RR Encounter 1182P, 4/15/2021 son of Eatons Encounter 70183 x Eatons Analysis 30302P for $6,250 to Dale Schuelke, Black Hawk, SD.

Lot 15, RR Encounter 148P, 3/11/2021 son of Eatons Encounter 70183P x BHD Sir Cisco Z3030P to Harold Miller, Newell, SD for $5,750.

Lot 36, RR Encounter 1103P, 3/19/2021 son of Eatons Encounter 70183P x Eatons Analysis 30302P to Louder Farms, Draper, SD for $5,500.

Lot 35, RR Profiler 1101P, 3/19/2021 son of Eatons Profiler 90072P x JDJ Camarero B448P to Tim Smith, Lodgepole, SD for $5,250.

Billie Olson, Mud Butte, SD picked up several Reich Ranch Charolais bulls again this year.
Crowser Ranch, Whitewood, SD got a couple Reich Ranch Charolais bulls.
Schuelke Ranch, Black Hawk, SD longtime repeat Reich Ranch bull buyer.
Tim Reich welcomes the crowd to the Reich Ranch 65th Annual bull sale.

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