Reisig Cattle Bull and Female Sale |

Reisig Cattle Bull and Female Sale


TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens


Date of Sale: April 3, 2021

Location: at the Ranch, Hardin, Montana

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins


33 Bulls – $4,765

9 registered Females – $5,917

What a beautiful spring day in Hardin, Montana. The bulls were powerful and the homemade pie and Ice-cream was outstanding.

Lot 2 at $8,500, REISIG EZ MONEY 9708 DOB 8-6-2019, Reg 19811918, FF EZ Money D217 x Siebring Priscilla 524, sold to Pete Widener, Sheridan, Wyoming.

Lot 5 at $8,500, REISIG CAPITALIST 9247, Dob 9-1-2019, Reg 19733846, LD Capitalist 316 x Cope Emblynette 7302, sold to Currant Creek angus, Roundup, Montana.

Lot 1 at $7,500, REISIG S RENOWN 9204, Dob 9-1-2019, Reg 19732864, SAV Renown 3439 x Buf Eriskay 7417, sold to Jerry Schmidt, Driscoll, North Dakota.

High selling Female

Lot 42, REISIG PATSY 9704, Dob 1-24-2013, Reg 19811958, bred to calve 8-1-2021 to ZWT Intervention carrying a bull calf, sold to Frosty Creek Angus, Roundup, Montana.

The Reisig bulls looked great.
Rebecca and Dustin Reisig

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