Reppe Ranch Best in the Midwest” Bull Sale |

Reppe Ranch Best in the Midwest” Bull Sale

Reppe customers

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: May 6, 2020

Location: Bradley Community Center, Bradley, SD

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar


49 Yearling Angus Bulls – $4,357

20 Fall Angus Bulls – $3,813

21 Sim-Angus – $3,571

12 Charolais – $4,104

102 total Bulls – $4,058

The Reppe family offered a great set of bulls for a nice group of buyers.

Top Selling Yearling Angus Bulls

Lot 14 at $16,000, R5 Homestead G329, Dob 3-1-2019, Reg 1969848, Ellingson Homestead 6030 x R5 Edella230, sold to Duane Gray, SD.

Lot 6, at $11,000, R5 FOREFRONT G366, Dob3-4-2019, Reg 19699846, R5 Forefront 0171 x R5 clova Pride C5425, sold to Duane Gray.

Lot 31at $10,500, R5 Power Tool G97, Dob 2-13-2019, Reg 19699858, R5 Power Tool E260 x R5 Dawn E278, sold to Weller Angus Ranch, SD.

18 Month Old Angus

Lot 129 at $6,250, R5 CHUCKWAGON B4262, Dob 8-2-2018, Reg 19699832, R5 Chuckwagon B4262 x R5 Daisy 2580, sold to Glen Hoffman, SD.


Lot 94 at $7,000, AR BOUNTY G305, Dob 2-28-2019, Reg 3697148, Hook’s Bounty 6B x AR Tammy C565, sold to Dale Heidenreich,SD

Lot 112 at $6,750, R5 Downtown G289, Dob 2-26-2019, Reg M935867, JWX Downtown 7C, x R5 MS Ledger D446, sold to Jim Horning, SD.

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